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First published in jWire

What a difference 70 years make

December 1, 2017

29 November 1947 will live in history as a day of destiny for the Jewish People…writes Michael Kuttner.

On that day the United Nations voted to re-establish Jewish sovereignty in a truncated and emasculated territory far removed from the original intentions of the Balfour Declaration and the legal obligations of the San Remo Agreement and the League of Nations Mandate. Thirty three nations voted in favour, thirteen voted against, ten abstained and one nation was absent. The Soviet Union and the United States although rivals in a developing cold war both miraculously voted in favour. Every Arab and Moslem representative voted against thus setting the stage for their future self-inflicted disasters.

Seventy years ago the UN had not yet morphed into the morally bankrupt body it is today. Even so the result of the UN vote in 1947 was far from a done deal. It took the energetic and dedicated efforts of Jewish Agency representatives and others to persuade some countries to vote in favour. Nobody knew how the Soviet Union and its satellite nations would vote given Stalin's paranoid record on Zionism and Jews. South American nations were susceptible to pressure from various sources. The US State Department was renowned for its inbuilt hostility to the idea and fearful of upsetting the Arabs. The UK was not expected to vote in favour and the only question was whether it would vote against the resolution or abstain. The question remained as to how the ex colonies of the British Empire would vote and if they would be influenced by Ernest Bevin, the UK Labour Party's rabidly anti-Zionist Foreign Minister. .... More

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Whose Land? A two part documentary series

A century after the Balfour Declaration of November 1917 the argument over the land – then known as Palestine (A name given by the Romans) – rages on.

Presented by Colonel Richard Kemp, this is a Must See film covering the history of the Jewish people's right to live in their homeland - Israel. Part One gives the foundation of Jews right to their homeland with films and maps from archives going back thousands of years. Part two will be available next year.
To order a copy go to TBL (Title Deed Media) https://whoseland.tv/ Copies can be ordered from Australia ษ25AU., United Kingdom or watched online.

Recent Letters to Media

Published in Otago Daily Times, September 4, 2020

How dare Robert McCallum (Letters, 29 Aug) compare the treatment of Jews by Hitler and the SS with Israel's treatment of the Palestinians? On the one hand, you have a nation that invaded almost every country in Europe and, among its many atrocities, exterminated six million Jews. On the other hand, you have a nation that, after being legally restored to its homeland, absorbed almost 2 million Palestinians and gave them full rights and citizenship, while defending itself against constant attack from other Palestinians.

As for Gaza, the arms blockade was imposed by Israel (and Egypt) when Hamas took control and began to attack Israel, but humanitarian imports are permitted. It would end if Gaza were to make peace with Israel. If this is a "prison", it's a self-imposed one.

Before Mr. McCallum starts lecturing us, he should consider these huge differences.

Rodney Brooks
Silver Spring,

Submitted to Sunday Star Times on November 7, 2017

Ron Robert's letter (5 Nov) conveniently left out the real ethnic cleansings in the Middle East. Over the last few years any Christian living in Iraq and Syria will have been either, “ethnically cleansed,” or probably murdered. As for the Jews they were ethnically cleansed some time ago. After 1948 at least 850,000 Jews were expelled from Islamic lands, no compensation, and no right of return. Probably just as well otherwise they would have subsequently been murdered. As an aside this is why Israel has to exist. Israel took the vast bulk of these people which equated roughly in number to the number of Muslims living in the West Bank after 1967. Perhaps an asset swap should have happened then. The Muslims would have been well ahead. The next target for ethnic cleansing, read murder, will be the Kurds, a people with their own language and culture and far more deserving of their own homeland, than some imaginary Palestinian people who are indistinguishable from their brothers in surrounding lands. I keep asking people like Ron Roberts, “If the 1967 borders were not acceptable to the Arabs then, what makes them acceptable now?” .... More letters

From Other Angles — Good News


December 2, 2017 by Michael Kuttner

It's not always possible in the short space of seventy years to witness miraculous events as they occur. Those of us who were lucky enough to be alive in 1947 and are living today in Israel can testify to the fact that miracles do indeed happen.


This short video produced 7 years ago captures the drama and tensions surrounding the UN resolution recreating Jewish sovereignty in 1947. It should be compulsory viewing for every youngster and adult born since then.


Doctors from Rambam Medical Center in Haifa have for the last five years travelled to Tbilisi twice a year to examine and operate on children with serious congenital defects. As the Director of the Pediatric Surgery Department explains: “On the first day of our arrival, we examine the cases and order all the necessary tests. In the days that remain, we operate for many hours in two parallel operating rooms on as many children as possible. These are complex and sometimes very challenging cases, but the intention is to help as many children as possible while we are there.”


60% of the volunteers with Magen David Adom are teenagers. In addition to Israeli youth there are also teenagers from other countries who undertake six weeks of volunteering and training with MDA across the country. In 2016, a total of 427 overseas MDA youth volunteers came from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and the United States



Daring to speak out publicly this brave individual reveals how and why he became a Zionist.

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November 25, 2017 by Michael Kuttner


 The winter migratory season is in full swing with half a billion birds covering 400 different species on the move from freezing Europe to the warm climate of Africa. As usual most of them stop to rest and refuel in the Hula Valley before continuing on south. However it seems that many of them have now woken up to the fact that Israeli winters are not so harsh. Rather than undertaking the exhausting and often dangerous trek to Africa large numbers are staying. Following a growing trend in recent years, some 40,000 Gray Cranes stayed this winter in the Agamon Hula Lake, feasting on crops and nesting in an artificial lake. To protect farmers' livelihood, the government feeds the cranes up to eight tons of corn a day....


If you’re a turkey, this is a grim time, with US Thanksgiving dinners. There may be some room for hope, though, as a new study show turkeys may be more useful alive, eating — and excreting....


Eliahu Pietruszka believed his brother, who escaped Warsaw ghetto, had died in a Russian labor camp, but, generations later, a Yad Vashem genealogy project led to incredible news....

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November 20, 2017 by Michael Kuttner

From the depths of Jerusalem to the moon and with exiles returning home, amazing news from Israel continues.


As highlighted in a recent J-Wire report, Auckland and Sydney, among many other cities worldwide, are facing a serious lack of space in the provision of new cemeteries. Land is at a premium and the problem of providing for future burials has become a major problem.

In Biblical and Talmudic times Jews were buried in caves and catacombs. The Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs (except Rachel) are buried in the Cave of Machpela in Hebron which Abraham legally purchased at the dawn of Jewish history. Beit She'arim in the north of Israel contains well-preserved catacombs which were used during the early centuries of the Common Era when the Oral Code was written down.


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In New Zealand Mosque - Shia leader's denial of the Holocaust and call for destruction of Israel.

A disturbing hate-speech-laden video has emerged, from a mosque in Pakuranga, Auckland, which promotes Holocaust denial and calls for the destruction of Israel.

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Our analysis of the New Zealand Herald's coverage of Israel shows some inprovement, but all isn't right yet. More

First New Zealand Innovation Mission flies to Israel

50 business people came to meet leading Israeli innovators and explore collaborations between the two countries. ... More

New Zealand prof compares SodaStream to Nazi company

3/24/2016. Supposed hate crimes expert Scott Poynting quits after writing letter to newspaper, comparing SodaStream and IG Farben. Read Article at Stuff

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