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16 January, 2017 by Michael Kuttner

What do all these names have in common?

They are places where politicians have taken action which result in the encouragement, facilitation or promotion of terror against Israel and Israelis.

WASHINGTON: Under the Obama Administration during the last 8 years there has been an incessant and unrelenting campaign to roll back Israel to the 1949 armistice lines and ignore continuing Arab incitement, hate and refusal to recognize the validity of a Jewish State. Ever since his Cairo speech at the very beginning of his Presidency, Obama with the enthusiastic support of his Secretary of State plus an assortment of fellow left wing followers, has worked tirelessly to establish another terror entity in our very midst. This delusional obsession ignores the fatal consequences for Israel guaranteed to follow such a creation. Preferring to sweep under the carpet all manifestations of the daily incitement pouring forth from PA controlled media and indoctrination of school pupils those governing in Washington instead prefer to advocate for the unsustainable.

No amount of military aid can prevent the catastrophe which would follow the re-division of Jerusalem and handing over the heartland of our country to murderous promoters of terror.
Lecturing us sanctimoniously from the comfort of Washington that Judaism and democracy cannot go hand in hand is the height of hypocrisy. This continuing barrage has found willing and receptive audiences amongst the ranks of the Israel bashers so that having failed to achieve the unachievable the crackpot schemes to sell us down the river are now outsourced to others.

WELLINGTON: As change in Washington loomed and Wellington's tenure on the UNSC ended, out from down under thundered the fearless Foreign Minister of New Zealand, ready, willing and able to co-sponsor with various suspect nations, .... More

If you think that Israel is getting a raw deal in the media, send this website to your friends and colleagues - www.kbrm.org.nz

Help correct the misinformation and revisionist historian lies.

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Radicalized Muslim does U-turn.

Kasim Hafeez who was raised as a devout Muslim - not in Syria or Iran, but in England - explains why he was taught to hate Jews and why that antiSemitism seemed justified and even righteous. YouTube has repeatedly banned this video and others like it, which show how Radical Islamists in the West breed homegrown terrorists, preaching anti-Western values and anti-Semitism. Watch on UTube United with Israel

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Media Down Under

Radio New Zealand does it again

June 22, 2016 by Michael Kuttner from J-Wire
Israel media monitor Honest Reporting has found Radio New Zealand incapable or unwilling to ascertain the veracity of news reports about Israel emanating from well-known suspect sources.

The latest example of repeating blatantly biased news revolves around a news item issued originally by Al Jazeera in which Israel is accused of shutting off water supplies to the “West Bank” and its Palestinian Arab residents. Picked up by the likes of The Independent (UK), International Business Times and the Times of London this modern-day equivalent of the medieval well poisoning libels against Jews soon went viral.

Despite evidence provided by Israeli authorities demonstrating that the accusations were false, Radio NZ decided to air an interview with a Palestinian Arab “expert” who of course recycled this litany of lies. Once again no interview with any Israeli official was aired to counter the falsehoods broadcast.

As a result of representations by many parties Al Jazeera and the Telegraph at least modified their report somewhat in order to present a more balanced perspective. Radio New Zealand however remains deaf and oblivious to facts and instead prefers to continue the drip feed of erroneous reports concerning the Jewish State.

Yarden Frankel of Honest Reporting Down Under told J-Wire: “The Radio New Zealand interview is false and needs to be removed from their website. This is what happens when you rely on a single biased source without further investigation.”

A full report by Honest Reporting on this false story in the international media can be seen here: honestreporting.com/water-apartheid/

Also see on Shalom Kiwi - Radio NZ Spreads Anti-Israel Water Libel

Israel has been Rocket Free: For

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The Israel Project

Palestinian Media Watch

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From Other Angles — Good News

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From fuel-efficient cars to electric planes, hundreds of companies unveil their energy-saving vehicles at Fuel Choices Summit


Cathay Pacific to Start Flights from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv in March 2017


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Unearthing history at new National Archeology Campus

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About 21 percent of Israelis are Arab, not Jewish. Many live in communities that reflect their unique religious and family-oriented culture. No less Israeli than their Jewish counterparts, Jerusalem is funding 1.41 billion shekels for Arab-Israeli public housing. .... More

Five electric buses to begin running in Tel Aviv

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Rare High Priest's stone weight from Second Temple period found in Jerusalem

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Floor tiles found in holy site rubble said to be from Second Temple

Over 100 marble fragments definitively identified as part of elaborate decoration from Herod's temple, archaeologists say... More

Israeli Judoka Yarden Gerbi Raises $50,000 For Children Cancer Wing



Israel's far-reaching contributions in making the world a safer place. ... More

Syrian girl beats cancer with help from Israeli doctors

Rambam Health Care Campus has treated 140 Syrian civilians, men, women and children over the past three years. More

Jewish 'Stone Age' factory from time of Jesus surfaces in Galilee

Near site where biblical figure is said to have turned water to wine, 2,000-year-old workshop for stone vessels comes to light. More

Afghan baby's heart surgery story captures hearts worldwide

Holon-based Save a Child’s Heart nonprofit got help from goodhearted strangers in arranging the complicated journey to Israel for a complex surgery. More

Say bye-bye to zits without a dermatologist appointment


Jewish and Arab women of Jaffa find common ground in music

I don't think anything else can unite us as much as singing does,' says a Muslim member of Rana Choir. ... More

Israeli activist hunts down African wildlife traffickers

How one idealistic man from Tel Aviv has successfully taken on the vast brutal cartel of corrupt officials profiting from slaughter and plunder. ... More

Tech training, and lunch in the company canteen, opens doors for disadvantaged kids

Nonprofit organization Machshava Tova aims to bridge social gaps by making technology accessible to all ... More

Druze Minority in Israel Woo Tourists

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Nazareth company gets funds for stroke-busting drug

PamBio claims to have found a way to halt acute bleeding, and prevent brain damage, after a hemorrhagic stroke ... More

Hadassah Interfaith Mission Hosted by Grateful Father from Bethlehem


Israel Builds Railway in Hope of Boosting Commerce With Arab Neighbors

JEZREEL VALLEY, Israel—More than a hundred years ago, the Ottoman Empire built a railway line that shuttled goods on steam locomotives from the Mediterranean Sea to the souks of Damascus and the Saudi holy city of Medina.I More

Israeli Company Ayala Purifies Greywater Using Plants

Israel is known for pioneering and perfecting water technologies – from drip irrigation to water recycling and desalination. But using plants to cleanse wastewater? Well, that might top it all. More

Sanusey, 4, is 4,000th child helped by Save a Child's Heart

Israeli charity helps bring children suffering heart ailments for treatments not available in their home countries More

Israel Advances Law to Exempt Octogenarians From Waiting on Line


Helen Mirren Sings Israel's Praises Again

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren is in Israel to host the Genesis Prize. And she has hadsome more nice things to say about this country of ours. More

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From Hezbollah to Israeli army: the extraordinary journey of a father and son

Rabbi Avraham Sinai, once Ibrahim Yassin, spied on the terror group for Israel. This week his son Amos, born in Lebanon, received a presidential citation for service in Golani brigade. ... More

NZ technology mission to Israel

An Innovation Mission to Israel is expected to provide significant benefits for the New Zealand technology and innovation sector. More

Operation Solomon: Airlifting 14,000 Jews out of Ethiopia

In 1991, Ethiopia was coming to the end of a long civil war and the government was close to being toppled. More

The Flag We Can't Put Away


Turning Israel’s desert into a teaching experience

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Israel a role model for disaster medicine, says Red Cross chief surgeon

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Beer Sheva - From a biblical town to a modern city

Beer Sheva, the capital of the Negev desert, successfully evolved from a biblical town to a modern city full of life. Ben Gurion University of the Negev, a leading cyber-technology park, interesting museums and a vibrant night life all contribute to the economic and cultural boom of the city. More

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When the Israeli Ministry of Exterior invited me to visit Israel as part of a delegation of European-based Arab journalists and media representatives, I accepted without hesitation. ..... More

Israel's Christian Minority

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Water streams in Israel's Upper-Galilee

High peaks, rivers and streams, breathtaking landscapes and evergreen forests make the Upper Galilee particularly attractive to hikers. No wonder it has been nicknamed The Israeli Tuscany. ..... More

Belgians turn to Israeli tech to mark themselves ‘safe’

Facebook's Israeli-made Safety Check helps people let others know they're fine following fatal explosions in Brussels...... More

Secret operation rescues last group of Yemen Jews

Israel completed a secret operation to rescue some of Yemen's last remaining Jews. More

Heart patients — and hospitals - breathe easier with Israeli sleep tech

Hospitals facing Obamacare penalties for high readmission rates should heed the results of a new study, says EarlySense... More

Israel's Jewish Agency Sends Volunteers to Help Distressed Communities Around the Globe

Imbued with Jewish values of charity and hope for a better world, young Jewish students are arriving at communities in distress around the globe to give them the tools to help themselves in the future..... More

Israel Ranked 11th Happiest Country in the World

Israel was the 11th-happiest country in the world in 2015, according to the annual World Happiness Report. .... More

WATCH: A Muslim Woman Who Loves Her Country – Israel!

There are many Arab-Israeli citizens who love living and working in the State of Israel. Watch an inspiring, young Muslim share her love for her country – Israel! Watch

Daily vitamin drink could slow progression of Alzheimer's

Israel is one of 19 partners in breakthrough clinical trial showing nutritional cocktail may improve memory and reduce brain shrinkage. .... More

Israel in Fiji

March 17, 2016 by J-Wire Staff
A team from the IsraAID is currently in cyclone-devasted Fiji on a special project to rebuild the village of Vuma on the island of Ovalau..... More

Arab boy achieves dream of meeting with Netanyahu

By Daniel Siryoti. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invites Ali Salati, 13, of Nazareth, to a meeting in Jerusalem. Ali asks Netanyahu to do everything possible to bring peace to the region. .... More

OPINION: There's only one country in the Middle East that could produce a soldier like me

By Major Alaa Waheeb, highest ranked Muslim officer in the Israel Defence Forces ... More

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First New Zealand Innovation Mission flies to Israel

50 business people came to meet leading Israeli innovators and explore collaborations between the two countries. ... More

New Zealand prof compares SodaStream to Nazi company

3/24/2016. Supposed hate crimes expert Scott Poynting quits after writing letter to newspaper, comparing SodaStream and IG Farben. Read Article at Stuff

Kiwi Amy Clague to get MS stem cell transplant in Israel

MEGAN GATTEY - January 25 2016
Amy Clague always felt tired at high school, and those around her simply put it down to being a teenager. But at the age of 20, she found out she had multiple sclerosis..... More Stuff.co.nz

Yachting NZ calls for stand against Malaysian government

December 31, 2015
Martin Tasker - ONE News Sport Reporter
he Malaysian government effectively banned the Israeli team from competing at the Youth Sailing World Champs in Lankawai by refusing to issue them visas. ... More at ONE News Now

Israel sets water lead

Oct 19, 2015 By Aroha Treacher
Ngati Kahungunu is looking to Israel for the latest water innovations and technologies.
Israel is widely regarded as a leader in water technology, a country where a lot is to be learned on how to make the most of the world's most valuable resource.... More at Hawkes Bay Today

NZ Herald — Juliet Moses: I'm for peace

Oct 19, 2015
I'm pretty sure most, and probably all, of my friends in New Zealand would say that peace is something to aspire to. And if they turned their minds to it at all, they would probably say that they want peace between Israel and the Palestinians. ... More

McCully pushes for Palestine-Israel peace process

Friday Jun 5, 2015
By Kate Shuttleworth
New Zealand foreign minister Murray McCully arrived in the Middle East in a push to get Israeli and Palestinian leadership back to the negotiation table.
While at a function at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and asked by the New Zealand Herald how soon peace talks could resume Mr McCully said: “my first preference would be tomorrow morning”. .. www.nzherald.co.nz

An ANZAC message from Australia's ambassador to Israel

Dave and Michael

April 21, 2014 by Michael Kuttner
It is obvious that Dave Sharma enjoys his ambassadorial duties in a country which in his words is so diverse and dynamic. He never ceases to be amazed by the vitality and variety of experiences which makes Israel such a leader in so many fields of endeavor. .. Download a pdf

A Yossele in trouble

Joey taped into Kangaroo

April 21, 2014 by Michael Kuttner
We call them Joeys but perhaps Israelis may refer them to as Yosseles…either way one found himself in trouble in Ramat Gan.
Keren Or of the Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan sends us this report: “The story is that Alex the keeper found the Red kangaroo joey on the ground, hypothermic and dirty. The joey must have fallen from its mother’s pouch during the night or early morning. Alex rushed the joey to the zoo hospital for care.”.. Download a pdf

Muslims who saved Jews in WW2 honored at exhibition

A new exhibition launching at Melbourne's Jewish Holocaust Centre will paint a picture of how Muslims saved the lives of many Jewish people in Albania during World War II. ...... Read More

Australians harassed at Temple Mount

By Michael Kuttner - March 13, 2015

Women and youngsters have attacked a group of Australian youth visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem this week. ...... Read More

An ancient metanarrative for
modern Jew hatred

Feb 11, 2015
By Perry Trotter's Blogg - A New Zealand photographer and composer. Perry is the creator of Shadows of Shoah, a unique multidisciplinary touring Holocaust exhibition.
Tonight we remember Europe's decisive action to purge itself once for all of the Jews, and of all that they represent. Advisedly I say Europe acted, not merely Germany....... More at The Times of Israel

An Israeli conductor collapsed and died in the middle of a performance as horrified audience members looked on.

Jan 31, 2015

Internationally renowned conductor drops dead in front of screaming audience and musicians during a symphony in Switzerland .... Read More at NZ Herald

Israel says Hezbollah to pay 'full price' over missile attack

Jan 29, 2015

Israel has warned Lebanon's Hezbollah it will pay the "full price" after missiles killed two Israeli soldiers yesterday in an attack that raised fears of another all-out war. ... Read More at NZ Herald

Kiwi educators at Yad Vashem

January 30, 2015

by Michael Kuttner
A group of twenty New Zealand high school teachers and educators have been attending a course on Holocaust studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

Following in the footsteps of a previous group these educators spent an intensive two weeks not only learning about how to more effectively teach about the Holocaust but also seeing some of the sights.

Chris Harris, Onehunga College (Auckland), Anna Chapman Holocaust Centre of NZ (Wellington) and Mike Brady, Porirua College (wellington) Chris Harris, Onehunga College (Auckland), Anna Chapman Holocaust Centre of NZ (Wellington) and Mike Brady, Porirua College (wellington)

J-Wire's correspondent Michael Kuttner took the opportunity to talk to some of them the day before International Holocaust Remembrance commemorations were due to take place and they returned home. Read More

Egypt starts work on Gaza buffer zone

October 30 2014. Read at Stuff.co.nz

The item above was published online in Stuff but not on the NZ Herald web site.
As at October 31 neither appeared in the printed versions of either paper. The photo and article showed about 800 homes raised on the border between Egypt and Gaza and it is intended to stop Militants crossing into Egypt.
Now if it were Israel bulldozing homes.......

Palestinian: Donors wary of funding Hamas-run Gaza

By Karin Laub, Wednesday Sep 10, 2014
The New Zealand Herald

Outrage at “Auckland bishops condemn Gaza violence”

The Auckland Anglican and Catholic bishops published a combined statement which contains many inaccuracies, but fortunately good people are responding.

Anglicans Down Under
Anglicans Down Under

Bishops’ Statement “Arrogant, Ignorant, Smacks of Anti-Semitism”

NZ Catholic
Full article with comnments beloiw


Tuesday 11 Aug 2014
“Bash the Jews, cut their heads off. cut their f****ing heads off”
See on Whale Oil's Blog

Australian journalist who has no pity for Gaza

Tuesday 9 Aug, 2014
Short UTube video

Ten thousand in Australia rally in support of Israel

August 4, 2014.
SYDNEY — Ten thousand Australians rallied in support of Israel in Sydney on Sunday at a peaceful demonstration in one of the city's suburbs.
Participants at the rally waved signs saying “We stand with Israel!” and “Stop the rockets!” and chanted “Am Yisroel Chai” as they heard communal figures defend the Jewish State. ...See article at WJC

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