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First published in jWire


March 6, 2017
There are countless news events concerning Israel which occur every day and never reach your media or if they do, receive distorted coverage.

In the interests of exposing some of these hidden gems which you may not have read, seen or heard, here is a choice selection from this week's crop.

Consumer warning: some of these revelations could cause adverse reactions so caution is advised.

A new head of Hamas has been appointed in Gaza. It so happens that he is a terrorist who was released from jail by Israel some time ago in one of those useless gestures so beloved of the Obama Administration and “progressive” purveyors of an illusory peace. Needless to say his agenda includes the elimination of Israel and support of terror. Supporters of a Palestinian State should carefully note that this is exactly the sort of “democrat” who could be expected to take up residence in a “liberated” capital of a Palestinian Arab State. .... More

Media Down Under


Our analysis of the New Zealand Herald's coverage of Israel shows some inprovement, but all isn't right yet. More

Radio New Zealand does it again

June 22, 2016 by Michael Kuttner from J-Wire
Israel media monitor Honest Reporting has found Radio New Zealand incapable or unwilling to ascertain the veracity of news reports about Israel emanating from well-known suspect sources.

The latest example of repeating blatantly biased news revolves around a news item issued originally by Al Jazeera in which Israel is accused of shutting off water supplies to the “West Bank” and its Palestinian Arab residents. Picked up by the likes of The Independent (UK), International Business Times and the Times of London this modern-day equivalent of the medieval well poisoning libels against Jews soon went viral.

Despite evidence provided by Israeli authorities demonstrating that the accusations were false, Radio NZ decided to air an interview with a Palestinian Arab “expert” who of course recycled this litany of lies. Once again no interview with any Israeli official was aired to counter the falsehoods broadcast.

A full report by Honest Reporting on this false story in the international media can be seen here: honestreporting.com/water-apartheid/

Also see on Shalom Kiwi - Radio NZ Spreads Anti-Israel Water Libel

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Guide in Medical's intubation technology promises to make respiratory procedures in hospitals and the battle field safer More

Fly and feed: Tens of thousands of cranes winter, and eat, in Israel's north

Hula Valley gives refuge to birds who, choosing not to continue to Africa, feast on eight tons of corn a day More

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