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Kiwis for
Balanced Reporting
in the Middle East

New Zealand Media bias Photo Perry Trotter

About Us

Who are we?

Kiwis for Balanced Reporting on the Middle East (KBRM) was started during the 2006 Lebanon-Israel war when much of the Middle East coverage and commentary appeared to be one-sided and sometimes untruthful. This mis-reporting has continued ever since, and was particularly bad during the 2009 Gaza war.

What do we do?

In an effort to present the missing side of the story, KBRM conducts the following activities:

  • Letters — When news items or other articles appear that are biased, we encourage our members and others to write letters to the editor that present the missing facts.
  • Corrections — In some cases we contact editors to suggest corrections or other remedial action, or to call their attention to articles that might balance the one-sided nature of a previous item.
  • Articles — Several articles written by KBRM members have been published in NZ newspapers, and this continues to be one of our main activities.
  • Advertisements — In 2009, we began an advertising campaign to present "The missing truth" to the NZ public in cases where editors refuse to publish our articles.
  • Appeals — In egregious cases where the editor refuses to take remedial action, KBRM is prepared to appeal to the New Zealand Press Council.

What can you do?

KBRM is a voluntary organisation which receives no funding from any other source. If you would like to support our activities, either financially or through membership, please click Here to drop us an email.
You can also help by writing to newspapers and TV stations when you see unbalanced or untruthful items.

Contact KBRM at contact@kbrm.org.nz

Help correct the misinformation and revisionist historian lies.