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Michael Kuttner


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6 February, 2017 by Michael Kuttner
First published in jWire

It was predicted and now it has come to pass that the election of Donald Trump and the infamous UN resolution sponsored by New Zealand and friends would trigger tremors.

Not only have they set off earthquakes but the after shocks keep rumbling and will continue to do so for quite some time into the future.

The UN resolution as well as previous UNESCO pronouncements clearly articulated the false narratives that Israel and Jews have no valid historical or legal claim or connection to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. The corrosive effects of these decisions can now be seen and heard in international community forums and discourses. Even more toxic however is the seal of approval given and eagerly taken on board by all those whose main aim and desire is to delegitimize the Jewish State and its Jewish citizens. No amount of hand washing and denial can absolve the promoters and advocates of responsibility for the chaos now developing. Once the genie is out of the bottle nothing can stop the inevitable tidal wave of lies being employed to brand and label Israel and Israelis.

Some recent examples should suffice to illustrate how the floodgates have been opened, all facilitated by those whose knowledge of the real situation is at best lamentably lacking or who at worst perhaps have ulterior motives having nothing to do with historical validity.

Germany has condemned the building of homes for Jews. Just imagine, only 72 years after murdering Jews they now admonish us as to where we can live in our own country.

The French not to be outdone continue their love fest with the head of the Palestinian Authority whose use by date expired many years ago. The fact that the current President of France is being shown the door this year does not seem to make them realize how irrelevant they are.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day passed as predicted with the usual expressions of horror and promises to fight racism and Jew hatred. While politicians mouthed their annual platitudes they conveniently omitted to recognize that sponsoring and voting for a resolution which denies a Jewish connection to its land and most sacred sites is another form of racist behaviour. Did the New Zealand Prime Minister and Foreign Minister have anything to contribute on this day? As far as I can discover, the answer is no. A speech by a backbench Member of Parliament, substituting for the Attorney General does not constitute any sort of recognition by the leadership that their misguided initiative unleashed a torrent of hate, the very thing they profess to abhor.

Emboldened by this display of political hypocrisy our much touted “peace partners” have unleashed an avalanche of threats and unbridled incitement against Israel. As in the past they are betting on the international community being panicked into a frenzy of condemnations designed to force us to make more useless and dangerous gestures. Here are some classic examples of the latest expressions of peace, love and tolerance emanating from Ramallah:

Saeb Erekat, the Secretary General of the PLO, has threatened that if the US moves its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the Capital (Jerusalem) the PA will:

Derecognize Israel; abrogate all agreements (worthless as they may be); dissolve the PA. This latter threat is empty hot air because none of those currently milking benefits from it would want to lose the billions granted by donor nations. As if this blast of bombastic tripe is not enough he also threatened the following:

“We demand an immediate investigation by the International Criminal Court into ‘the crimes of the occupation’, particularly the crimes of the colonial settlement of the occupied Palestinian land, including East al-Quds.”

“The time has come to move to the next stage and investigate the crimes of the settlement, two years since the initial study of the files that Palestine transferred [to the court] regarding the colonial settlement regime, the military actions against Palestine, the aggression against Gaza and the issue of the prisoners. The court is the only place for Israeli war criminals, and given the absence of accountability in the international community for the crimes of the occupation and defiance of the Israeli government against the decisions of international institutions, it is necessary to use all available means to prevent Israel from continuing its theft of lands and systematically violating International law.”

Obviously he and his colleagues have not yet woken up to the fact that there is a new wind blowing in Washington. This gale of fresh air has precipitated scenes of chaos and unbelievable imbecility by what a most perceptive observer has called the “enlightened ones.” Amongst a slew of executive actions the temporary banning of travelers and refugees from seven countries identified as sponsors and havens for terrorists has attracted most attention. Certain Jewish groups have also fallen into the mindless mayhem and parallels between Jews fleeing Nazi Europe in the 1930’s and today’s actions.

Deliberately distorted are certain uncomfortable realities.

How many Jews were terrorists and posed a dire threat to the countries they were trying to enter? The answer of course is NONE.

The huge difference between then and today is that Jews were denied asylum and sanctuary precisely because they were Jews. The fact that the USA now wants to restrict and vet travelers and potential refugees from certain countries is not because they are Moslems but because they happen to originate from places which export terrorists. Of course not all Moslems are terrorists but 99% of terror has been perpetrated by Moslems so tightening up security checks and borders makes sense.

None of this makes any impression on Democrats who still cannot accept that their candidate lost and above all on the multitude who have other agendas. Those Jewish groups joining in the mayhem are deliberately silent over the fact that the seven countries targeted refuse to admit either Jews or Israelis. This selective moral outrage against Trump merely highlights the disconnect from reality and common sense.

One of the mindless slogans shouted and written on placards reads:

From Palestine to Mexico – all borders got to go.

This asinine declaration sums up the mindset of those currently protesting the safeguarding of the USA against terror threats. Those shouting this should pack up and move to the European Union where uncontrolled borders have led to one disaster after another and planted the seeds for the eventual demise of the EU.

The so called “enlightened” intelligentsia needs a serious reality check. Over the next few months and rather belatedly they will undoubtedly get exactly that.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel where he is J-Wire's correspondent.