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Just as we all need to see things with both eyes open to see in depth, we need more than one perspective to see the news in anything more than the flat, literally one-eyed, view of the Middle East which is presented by the mainstream news media in New Zealand.



December 2, 2017 by Michael Kuttner

It's not always possible in the short space of seventy years to witness miraculous events as they occur. Those of us who were lucky enough to be alive in 1947 and are living today in Israel can testify to the fact that miracles do indeed happen.


This short video produced 7 years ago captures the drama and tensions surrounding the UN resolution recreating Jewish sovereignty in 1947. It should be compulsory viewing for every youngster and adult born since then.


Doctors from Rambam Medical Center in Haifa have for the last five years travelled to Tbilisi twice a year to examine and operate on children with serious congenital defects. As the Director of the Pediatric Surgery Department explains: “On the first day of our arrival, we examine the cases and order all the necessary tests. In the days that remain, we operate for many hours in two parallel operating rooms on as many children as possible. These are complex and sometimes very challenging cases, but the intention is to help as many children as possible while we are there.”


60% of the volunteers with Magen David Adom are teenagers. In addition to Israeli youth there are also teenagers from other countries who undertake six weeks of volunteering and training with MDA across the country. In 2016, a total of 427 overseas MDA youth volunteers came from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and the United States



Daring to speak out publicly this brave individual reveals how and why he became a Zionist.

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November 25, 2017 by Michael Kuttner


 The winter migratory season is in full swing with half a billion birds covering 400 different species on the move from freezing Europe to the warm climate of Africa. As usual most of them stop to rest and refuel in the Hula Valley before continuing on south. However it seems that many of them have now woken up to the fact that Israeli winters are not so harsh. Rather than undertaking the exhausting and often dangerous trek to Africa large numbers are staying. Following a growing trend in recent years, some 40,000 Gray Cranes stayed this winter in the Agamon Hula Lake, feasting on crops and nesting in an artificial lake. To protect farmers' livelihood, the government feeds the cranes up to eight tons of corn a day....


If you’re a turkey, this is a grim time, with US Thanksgiving dinners. There may be some room for hope, though, as a new study show turkeys may be more useful alive, eating — and excreting....


Eliahu Pietruszka believed his brother, who escaped Warsaw ghetto, had died in a Russian labor camp, but, generations later, a Yad Vashem genealogy project led to incredible news....

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21 August 2017 by Michael Kuttner

This week's examples illustrate how Israel continues to lead the world in so many ways.


Within 24 hours of hearing that Sierra Leone desperately needed food for the survivors of the recent devastating floods, Israel swung into action. Trucks with 20,000 meals arrived in the Capital of Freetown, distributed to those left homeless.

Israel was the first country to respond in a practical manner. While others dithered and set up committees to decide what to do, Israel acted. The next stage of Israel's assistance will be the provision of antibiotics to deal with the possibility of an outbreak of cholera.


The country's first whiskey distillery is preparing to release Israel's first single malt.
Although wine has been produced in the Holy Land for millennia, and modern Israeli wines have gained international renown in recent years, whisky production is new to the country.

The Milk and Honey distillery was established in 2013. It does not work on Shabbat so its products carry the highest Kashrut certification. Exports are slated to commence in 2019.


Following surgery to remove cancerous growths and tumors, conventional medical practice has been to refrain from any additional intervention for a period of several weeks before and after the surgery. That means no chemotherapy, radiation or immune therapy.

New research from Israel says that may be a fatal mistake.

The researchers found that, rather than do nothing, if they applied a specific drug regimen consisting of a beta blocker and an anti-inflammatory, they could reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. The recommended inexpensive drug cocktail is considered safe and consists of Deralin (used to reduce blood pressure and anxiety) and Etopan (which reduces inflammation).

The researchers were amazed with the results. The next step is a longer scale clinical trial. Positive results will lead to a brighter future for oncology patients.


Far from the daily media headlines and negative reports there is a quiet revolution taking place. Watch this short video and learn how Arabs and Jews are forging working relationships which can lay the foundation for future peaceful relations.

These are the enterprises which the proponents of BDS are campaigning to destroy. Ask yourselves this question: “who is really working for peace? Israelis providing employment and remuneration or those dedicated to boycotts, divestment and sanctions?”


Michael Kuttner, 15 August, 2017
From outer space to back on earth Israel's achievements keep coming:


Israel's first satellite to study the environment was launched last week from the European Space Center in French Guiana.

The ultra-lightweight satellite’s main purpose is to provide unprecedented imaging for environmental research purposes. It will monitor the state of vegetation, afforestation, farmland and water in about 110 areas around the globe, using a special camera that can capture invisible details.


Israel's improved economic growth and efforts to rein in spending prompted Standard & Poor's to raise the outlook on the country's debt profile. While S&P held Israel's debt rating stable at A+, it improved the outlook to “positive” from “stable,” which means it could raise the grade a notch in the next two years, the company said in a statement.

The economy grew four percent last year and is expected to expand by 3.1 percent this year.


Thousands of Israeli youngsters travel to India every year after their army service. Now it is the turn of IDF trained sniffer and attack dogs to sample the delights of India.

Over the past year India has taken delivery of about 30 security dogs to provide protection for the Prime Minister and other top officials. The new four-legged recruits are considered the best in the world in sniffing out explosive booby-traps.

One wonders if these dogs will find a curry based diet to their liking.


Israel's wonder woman, Gal Gadot, is scheduled to star in a sequel to the film in 2020. The current movie is expected to gross more than US$400 million at the box office in the USA this weekend and close to US$800 million in worldwide receipts.

Despite boycotts by some Islamic countries our wonder woman goes from strength to strength. Perhaps she can help to defeat the forces of evil ranged against us.


Michael Kuttner, 31 July, 2017
Some of this week's good news which most probably never surfaced in your local media:


It's summer and as usual forest fires are breaking out in many countries experiencing soaring temperatures. Montenegro is currently battling wild fires engulfing its coast. Unable to cope it has appealed for international assistance. Unhesitatingly, Israel has stepped up and sent help to this Balkan country.

A team of firefighters plus two firefighting planes and two Israel Air Force planes were rapidly dispatched. A Foreign Ministry spokesperson stated that “Israel see great importance in international co-operation and mutual assistance in this field.”


Israeli celebrity chef, Eyal Shani, is opening a branch of his Tel Aviv falafel eatery in Melbourne next month. This follows a successful launch in Paris, Vienna and another opening in Manhattan this coming autumn. It's not just falafel that is on the menu, but also salads, meats and bread of all description, hot from the oven.

According to the experts Australians are going wild for Israeli style street food. That will be another business for the boycotters to avoid patronizing.


Approximately three thousand individuals wounded in the civil war raging in Syria have made their way to the Israeli border to receive life saving medical care in hospitals and clinics. The IDF has revealed that Israel has transferred 3601 tons of food, 450,000 liters of gasoline and 50 tons of clothing to Syria. In addition large quantities of painkillers, anesthetics and basic medicines for diabetes and asthma have been provided.

Needless to say this has flown under the radar of most mainstream news outlets.


One hundred lightweight wheelchairs were recently donated to needy local children in Vietnam. Previously more than 600 “wheelchairs of hope” had been delivered to disabled children in Peru and Tajikistan.


Israeli innovative technology once again leads the way. Watch this video and see how life changing developments can create modern miracles. www.youtube.com/embed/Nb8v0H866wU?rel=0

The Zionist contribution to tikun olam (repairing and bettering the world) continues.


23 July, 2017 by Michael Kuttner
First published in jWire

Summer has kicked in with a vengeance and we have had a succession of sizzling weeks with record temperatures and humidity.

As usual there has also been plenty of negative news but believe it or not more positive and good news as well.








.... More


July 17, 2017 by Michael Kuttner

Living in Israel is exciting and rewarding for those of us not consumed by the endless stream of negative dramas which the media loves to peddle.

Here are another three examples of good news which may have escaped your notice this week. .... More

Bedouin family voted in as full members of northern kibbutz

Family voted in as full members of Kibbutz Eilon after 116 out of 124 members vote in favor; Kibbutz official: “I have known Mahmoud for 20 years. The entire family is an inseparable part of the kibbutz, and we see them as part of our lives.”
Goel Beno|Last update: 10.07.17 , 11:02
No one from Kibbutz Eilon batted an eye last Friday when Hadil and Mahmoud Mazal—from the Bedouin village of Arab al-Aramshe on the border near Lebanon—were warmly welcomed as new members of the kibbutz.


Palestinian and Israeli Emergency Forces Train Together to Save Human Lives


What color blue did King Solomon wear? New evidence tells us


New airport expected to be a game-changer for southern Israel's tourism scene


Israel's first outdoor preschool incorporates switchblades and scorpions


Softshell turtles brought to new home in Kishon River


Palestinian official donates playroom to a Haifa hospital


Israeli Specialists Step In to Help Manchester Trauma Victims


Israeli Govt. to award scholarships to over 100 Nigerian IDP kids


Gazelles triple their herd size in Jerusalem


Archbishop of Canterbury prays at Western Wall with UK chief rabbi


Sanhedrin Trail to be Israel's first interactive hiking path




Israeli systems aiding fish farmers in Congo and Indonesia


There is no greater sign of redemption than the agricultural re-blooming of the Land of Israel.


Yahya Mahamed (right) with KBRM member Michael Sedley on the left. It was taken during Ramadan last year when a group of Jews and Arabs met at Damascus Gate to hand out water to Muslims on their way home to break the fast.


APRIL 25, 2017
'Metro' tells the story of Yahya Mahamed, who said his eyes were opened to the truth about Israel. Now calling himself 'Zionist Muslim,'he is working at StandWithUs to help others... More

Newly opened park takes you past many of the capital's 200 ritual baths, used by visitors in the Second Temple era


Students at Jerusalem's Boyar High School participate in archaeological excavations to help fund their trip to Poland's concentration camps.


Israel appoints Christian Arab and first Jewish-orthodox woman to High Court of Justice




Arab, Jewish Israeli youth leaders to teach Syrian kids in Greece


History of Earth's magnetic field exposed in Judean pottery


I've just returned from my fifth trip to Israel in the last decade.


Israeli doctor arrives in London to help save Iraqi official's sight

A top surgeon from the Jewish state travelled to the UK this week in a last-ditch attempt to save the sight of an Iraqi father-of-sevenMore

Israeli medical startup raises NIS 2m for life-saving trachea device

Guide in Medical's intubation technology promises to make respiratory procedures in hospitals and the battle field safer More

Fly and feed: Tens of thousands of cranes winter, and eat, in Israel's north

Hula Valley gives refuge to birds who, choosing not to continue to Africa, feast on eight tons of corn a day More

These Israeli Dogs are the Canines of the Book


Israeli dialysis unit saves lives in Sierra Leone

Israel Foreign Ministry's agency for international development cooperation donates first-ever dialysis unit to Connaught Hospital in Freetown. More

Yazidi victims of IS abuse get help from Israel aid group

As part of IsraAID mission, Israeli sent to Iraqi Kurdistan to work with women survivors of torture and sexual violence at hands of Islamic State militants More

Tel Aviv's rooftop farm grows fresh food for thousands


Jerusalem Municipality to distribute 150 free Christmas trees


Freedom of religion is a core value of the Israeli democracy


United Hatzalah Purchases 1,000 New Defibrillators to Distribute Among Fleet of EMS Volunteers


From Other Angles — Good News

In first, IDF taps member of Ethiopian community for colonel


Solar-powered desalination cuts energy costs by 90%;


From fuel-efficient cars to electric planes, hundreds of companies unveil their energy-saving vehicles at Fuel Choices Summit


Cathay Pacific to Start Flights from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv in March 2017


Archaeologists spotlight first Solomon's Temple-era artifacts ever found on Temple Mount


Unearthing history at new National Archeology Campus

Israel Antiquities Authority is readying a national center where the public and professionals can access history and restoration as never before. More

Europe to Israel: More avocado, please!

Global health gurus have termed this fruit a superfood, putting Israeli produce in hot demand. More

Niece of top Arafat aide so loves Israel she had it tattooed on her back


Ancient Muslim Inscription Confirms Dome of the Rock’s Jewish Temple Origin


The Jewish state was uniquely situated to become the world's most vegan country. A viral video was the tipping point.


10 best locations for birdwatching in Israel

People from around the globe flock to Israel to see hundreds of feathered species, from desert birds to wetlands fliers to migrating flocks. More

My Name is Israel

ISRAEL21c launches its powerful new DIY exhibition for readers with an inspiring and unforgettable look at Israeli humanitarian aid worldwide. More


About 21 percent of Israelis are Arab, not Jewish. Many live in communities that reflect their unique religious and family-oriented culture. No less Israeli than their Jewish counterparts, Jerusalem is funding 1.41 billion shekels for Arab-Israeli public housing. .... More

Five electric buses to begin running in Tel Aviv

.... More

Rare High Priest's stone weight from Second Temple period found in Jerusalem

.... More

Floor tiles found in holy site rubble said to be from Second Temple

Over 100 marble fragments definitively identified as part of elaborate decoration from Herod's temple, archaeologists say... More

Israeli Judoka Yarden Gerbi Raises $50,000 For Children Cancer Wing



Israel's far-reaching contributions in making the world a safer place. ... More

Syrian girl beats cancer with help from Israeli doctors

Rambam Health Care Campus has treated 140 Syrian civilians, men, women and children over the past three years. More

Jewish 'Stone Age' factory from time of Jesus surfaces in Galilee

Near site where biblical figure is said to have turned water to wine, 2,000-year-old workshop for stone vessels comes to light. More

Afghan baby's heart surgery story captures hearts worldwide

Holon-based Save a Child’s Heart nonprofit got help from goodhearted strangers in arranging the complicated journey to Israel for a complex surgery. More

Say bye-bye to zits without a dermatologist appointment


Jewish and Arab women of Jaffa find common ground in music

I don't think anything else can unite us as much as singing does,' says a Muslim member of Rana Choir. ... More

Israeli activist hunts down African wildlife traffickers

How one idealistic man from Tel Aviv has successfully taken on the vast brutal cartel of corrupt officials profiting from slaughter and plunder. ... More

Israel charges senior Gaza aid worker with funneling tens of millions to Hamas

Over the course of several years, the Hamas terrorist organization siphoned off “tens of millions of dollars” from the US-based World Vision charity for its military wing, the Shin Bet security service said Thursday. Read at the The Times of Israel

Israeli Legal Center: We Warned World Vision Over Funding Gaza Terrorism — Shurat Hadin Read the pdf

Tech training, and lunch in the company canteen, opens doors for disadvantaged kids

Nonprofit organization Machshava Tova aims to bridge social gaps by making technology accessible to all ... More

Druze Minority in Israel Woo Tourists

... More

Nazareth company gets funds for stroke-busting drug

PamBio claims to have found a way to halt acute bleeding, and prevent brain damage, after a hemorrhagic stroke ... More

Hadassah Interfaith Mission Hosted by Grateful Father from Bethlehem


Israel Builds Railway in Hope of Boosting Commerce With Arab Neighbors

JEZREEL VALLEY, Israel—More than a hundred years ago, the Ottoman Empire built a railway line that shuttled goods on steam locomotives from the Mediterranean Sea to the souks of Damascus and the Saudi holy city of Medina.I More

Israeli Company Ayala Purifies Greywater Using Plants

Israel is known for pioneering and perfecting water technologies – from drip irrigation to water recycling and desalination. But using plants to cleanse wastewater? Well, that might top it all. More

Sanusey, 4, is 4,000th child helped by Save a Child's Heart

Israeli charity helps bring children suffering heart ailments for treatments not available in their home countries More

Israel Advances Law to Exempt Octogenarians From Waiting on Line


Helen Mirren Sings Israel's Praises Again

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren is in Israel to host the Genesis Prize. And she has hadsome more nice things to say about this country of ours. More

Finding Faith in an Unlikely Place: Arab and Israeli Children Bond at a Pediatric Hospital

Every now and then, your faith in humanity is restored - and it's usually at a time and place you least expect it. More

Mohammed Zeidan is Israel's smartest student

19-year-old achieves perfect score on Israel's college entrance exam. ... More

Cuban-Jewish women visit Israel in latest effort to 'light up their souls'


How one group is helping Ethiopian farmers plant their way to success

Learn how a seed specialist figured out a way to increase a plant's yield by five times. ... More

NZ technology mission to Israel

An Innovation Mission to Israel is expected to provide significant benefits for the New Zealand technology and innovation sector. More

Operation Solomon: Airlifting 14,000 Jews out of Ethiopia

In 1991, Ethiopia was coming to the end of a long civil war and the government was close to being toppled. More

The Flag We Can't Put Away


Turning Israel’s desert into a teaching experience

African and Asian farmers come to Israel's Arava desert to learn how to transform farming in their own communities back home. More

7 Israeli robots that are transforming surgery

The rapidly emerging field of robot-assisted surgery promises to revolutionize how doctors operate. Israel is one of the world leaders in this field. More

Treasures of the Roman Empire



On 7 June, Bar Ilan University will be conferring a well deserved Doctorate Honoris Causa on Isi Leibler in recognition of his many years of service to the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

In anticipation of this event, J-Wire interviewed him at his Jerusalem home. The subjects traversed past, present and future challenges as seen by someone who has been in the forefront of momentous events from the early 1960's up until the present day. Download the pdf article

A short report on the annual Anzac Day commemoration at the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Jerusalem

From 1948 to 1967 Mount Scopus was inaccessible to Israelis as the surrounding area was illegally occupied by Jordan. Bears thinking about especially at a time when there are many who are demanding that Israel surrender land erroneously described as “occupied.” Anyone who has been in Jerusalem will realize the disastrous end result if this was ever to occur. Read Article at JWire

Is Australia Guilty as Charged?

A recent op-ed by Paul Duffill, an Australian academic and BDS advocate, in the Sydney Morning Herald charges Australia with Read Article at Honest Reporting

Israel a role model for disaster medicine, says Red Cross chief surgeon

‘Israelis have the knowledge and experience’ to excel in emergencies More

A year after quake, Israelis still helping Nepal recover

Israeli NGOs were among the first to arrive after the disaster and are among the last to leave, running a variety of programs in stricken areas. More

Beer Sheva - From a biblical town to a modern city

Beer Sheva, the capital of the Negev desert, successfully evolved from a biblical town to a modern city full of life. Ben Gurion University of the Negev, a leading cyber-technology park, interesting museums and a vibrant night life all contribute to the economic and cultural boom of the city. More

What Israel is giving me: The voice of an Arab doctor


Why do hikers in Israel keep stumbling upon ancient relics?

In Israel, you don’t have to be Indiana Jones to make exceptional archaeological finds. Some of the most exciting recent discoveries were made by accident. More

Israeli doctors, spies rally to save 5-year-old Syrian girl

When search for a bone marrow donor led to a relative living in 'an enemy state,' Israel's security services stepped in More


When the Israeli Ministry of Exterior invited me to visit Israel as part of a delegation of European-based Arab journalists and media representatives, I accepted without hesitation. ..... More

Israel's Christian Minority

Christians in Israel, as well as all other minorities, understand today that serving in the Israeli military is essential. ..... More

Water streams in Israel's Upper-Galilee

High peaks, rivers and streams, breathtaking landscapes and evergreen forests make the Upper Galilee particularly attractive to hikers. No wonder it has been nicknamed The Israeli Tuscany. ..... More

Belgians turn to Israeli tech to mark themselves ‘safe’

Facebook's Israeli-made Safety Check helps people let others know they're fine following fatal explosions in Brussels...... More

Secret operation rescues last group of Yemen Jews

Israel completed a secret operation to rescue some of Yemen's last remaining Jews. More

Heart patients — and hospitals - breathe easier with Israeli sleep tech

Hospitals facing Obamacare penalties for high readmission rates should heed the results of a new study, says EarlySense... More

Israel's Jewish Agency Sends Volunteers to Help Distressed Communities Around the Globe

Imbued with Jewish values of charity and hope for a better world, young Jewish students are arriving at communities in distress around the globe to give them the tools to help themselves in the future..... More

Israel Ranked 11th Happiest Country in the World

Israel was the 11th-happiest country in the world in 2015, according to the annual World Happiness Report. .... More

WATCH: A Muslim Woman Who Loves Her Country – Israel!

There are many Arab-Israeli citizens who love living and working in the State of Israel. Watch an inspiring, young Muslim share her love for her country – Israel! Watch

Daily vitamin drink could slow progression of Alzheimer's

Israel is one of 19 partners in breakthrough clinical trial showing nutritional cocktail may improve memory and reduce brain shrinkage. .... More

Israel in Fiji

March 17, 2016 by J-Wire Staff
A team from the IsraAID is currently in cyclone-devasted Fiji on a special project to rebuild the village of Vuma on the island of Ovalau..... More

Arab boy achieves dream of meeting with Netanyahu

By Daniel Siryoti. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invites Ali Salati, 13, of Nazareth, to a meeting in Jerusalem. Ali asks Netanyahu to do everything possible to bring peace to the region. .... More

OPINION: There's only one country in the Middle East that could produce a soldier like me

By Major Alaa Waheeb, highest ranked Muslim officer in the Israel Defence Forces ... More

Bill Gates: Israeli tech 'changing the world'

In video call to Microsoft Israel’s annual big bash, co-founder says he's 'very impressed’ with Israel's R&D... More

Jerusalem Exciting Archaeological Discoveries

... More

The Israeli who goes undercover to save Syrian lives

Israeli volunteers are passing critical humanitarian supplies to Syrian NGOs in a dangerous cross-border operation that helps hundreds of thousands of desperate Syrians. ... More

Dead Sea Scrolls project will use latest tech to solve ‘ultimate jigsaw’

Ambitious collaboration aims to make sense of 20,000 fragments of 2,000-year-old texts that have baffled researchers for decades ... More


Hike Discovers 3,400-Year-Old The Land of Israel constantly reveals hidden treasures, testifying to its rich history. This time, a boy on a hike discovered an ancient and rare clay figurine from the Canaanite era. ... More

Budget travelers get a warm welcome at Israel's newest hostels

Inviting prices and accommodations are on offer at five different locations in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa... More

NASA astronauts arrive for Israeli Space Week

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to JNS.org) The annual Israeli Space Week honoring Israel's first astronaut, the late Col. Ilan Ramon, kicked off on Sunday with much fanfare.... More

Israeli NGO treats bodies and souls of refugees in Serbia

Doctors and social workers from Natan International Humanitarian Aid run a clinic at a registration camp and also tend to psychological wounds.... More

First glimpse of Israel's Impact UAV

first details and an image of the Impact unmanned air vehicle being developed by new Israeli company Meteor Aerospace.... More

Israeli researchers develop ATLAS bird tracking device

Where do barn owls hunt their prey? How often do white storks cheat on their partners? Israeli researchers may get the answers with a tracking device suitable for small birds. ... More

Campaign got Israelis to stop picking flowers in order to preserve them

Wildflower season is beginning in Israel — and that’s thanks to one of the country's most successful public campaigns...... More

Israeli Auschwitz survivor Yisrael Kristal is now world's oldest man at 112

In 1903, Kristal was born to a religiously observant Jewish family in a region that is today part of Poland. ..... More

Jerusalem's Mahne Yehuda Market Combines Rich History & Gourmet Food

Thursdays and Fridays are the busiest days in Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem's most popular marketplace. ..... More at UTube

Mobile cancer screening device could save women's lives

On World Cancer Day, Kenyan nurses are using an Israeli device from MobileODT to screen hundreds of women for cervical cancer...... More

Kiwi Amy Clague to get MS stem cell transplant in Israel

MEGAN GATTEY - January 25 2016
Amy Clague always felt tired at high school, and those around her simply put it down to being a teenager. But at the age of 20, she found out she had multiple sclerosis..... More Stuff.co.nz

Israeli-Arab Rescue Unit: 'Our Goal? Saving Human Lives'

With all the hatred in the Middle East, we found a hopeful story of Israeli Arabs training with Israelis to save lives...... More

A Magical Night of Opera in Jerusalem

Right under the walls of Jerusalem's old city, opera lovers had a chance to experience an evening of musical joy at the premiere of 'The Elixir of Love' opera...... More at UTube

Hula Valley Birding Festival

Israel serves as a land bridge between three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. Its diversified climate – from the alpine Mt. Hermon in the north, to the arid sandy deserts in the south – supports many different habitats, which explains how Israel, with its small area, can play host to more than 500 different types of birds. The Hula Valley Bird Festival is an initiative of the Israel Ornithological Center.
The festival aims to highlight the fantastic birding opportunities Northern Israel and the Hula Valley in particular can offer. ..... More at UTube

2,700-year-old farmhouse unearthed outside Tel Aviv

Byzantine monastery with colorful mosaic, ancient silver coins also found nearby at site next to Rosh Ha’ayin..... More

Muslim woman exudes love for ‘magical’ Israel

19 January, 2016. Farhana Rahman, a young Muslim member of an Israeli start-up, declares: “I will stand at the front line for the chosen people.”
Farhana Rahman, a young Muslim woman from New York who is employed in an Israeli mobile app startup named Zula, posted a Facebook status full of boundless love for the state of Israel and its citizens Sunday. For those demoralized by the news these days, it is a true must-read. ... More

Blood test for Alzheimer's begins clinical trials

Israeli biotech NeuroQuest set to start US clinical trial of its simple test to diagnose the dreaded brain disorder in older individuals at risk .... More

Government to help disabled find jobs, buy homes

A new job center stands to aid the disabled to more easily fit into the job market, while a new law will let them more easily get mortgages ... More

Israeli Start-up Presents: Non Dairy and Non Soy Baby Formula

... More UTube video

Optimistic trends of the Israeli economy 2015

... More - pdf

Israeli Aid Workers Hailed as Heroes for Helping UK Flood Victims

January 7, 2016
A delegation from the Israeli humanitarian agency IsraAID is being hailed as heroic for assisting victims of the massive flood that hit the United Kingdom last week. ... More

European Playgrounds to Use Israeli Foam Surfaces to Protect Children

In another win for Israel against the anti-Israel boycott movement, an Israeli company will be supplying children’s playgrounds across Europe with special padded flooring to protect children from getting hurt while playing. ... More

Ein Gedi Reserve - An Oasis in the Desert

The spectacular En Gedi Nature Reserve, just west of the Dead Sea shore in the Judean Mountains, is blessed with two year-round streams, the David Stream in the north and the Arugot Stream in the south. ... More

Saving Israel's Sea Turtles

North of Tel Aviv, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, there is a unique hospital and rehab center.
Its patients are treated for swallowing hooks or for injuries sustained when caught in a fishing net.
This is the Israel Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.... More

Yachting NZ calls for stand against Malaysian government

December 31, 2015
Martin Tasker - ONE News Sport Reporter
he Malaysian government effectively banned the Israeli team from competing at the Youth Sailing World Champs in Lankawai by refusing to issue them visas. ... More at ONE News Now

Christmas Tree Distribution in Full Swing

Trees are distributed at several points in northern and central Israel:... More

Snails Bring Speedy Economic Empowerment for African Women

Snails may be the fast track to economic growth and empowerment for women living in West Africa, thanks to a pair of Ghanaian research students heading a project sponsored by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment.... More

A wedding gift to remember

With Israeli tech, paralyzed IDF vet walks down the aisle... More

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Talkitt is the revolutionary technology that enables anyone with motor, speech and language disorders to easily communicate using their own voice.
For millions of people around the world, the act of communication is a serious challenge ... More at UTube

The baseball game that bats for coexistence

‘Baseball for All’ brings together Arab and Jewish sixth graders to play that most American sport, and get to know one another More

After 68 years, a Syrian great-grandmother comes home… to her Jewish family in Israel.

She was 16 when she disappeared from pre-state Israel, and had been assumed dead. This week, Rachel Elkayam was reunited with her relatives, closing a heart-wrenching circle More

How martial arts help kids with cancer kick the pain

Founded by a rabbi in Detroit, Kids Kicking Cancer has expanded to 5 Israeli hospitals, where children learn to punch back at their helplessness .... More

High school students discover Hasmonean coins from first century BCE

A team of students from the Handasaim Herzliya High School found three coins from the Hasmonean dynasty era while on an archeological dig. .... More

Fleeing recession and violence, Brazilian Jews moving to Israel in record numbers


The Right Cup - The First Fruit-Flavored Cup!

More at UTube

Surprise baby arrives during sister’s heart surgery

Tanzanian mom gives birth earlier than expected as her 15-month-old daughter undergoes lifesaving heart surgery from Israel's Save a Child's Heart..... More

Sean Penn says his work in Haiti inspired by IsraAID

Actor-humanitarian activist gives keynote address at 'Israel and Haiti: Partners in Recovery and Development' nearly six years after Haiti earthquake..... More

High-protein grasshoppers are about to jump onto your plate

Novel breeding and growing techniques from Israel's Steak TzarTzar could catapult edible insects onto mainstream menus and into protein powders..... More

New high-tech collar tracks the health of your pets

Veterinarians and pet owners can track health of pooches and kitties with innovative Israeli pet-tech..... More

Try the wine that King David and Jesus may have sipped

An Israeli winery is making wine from a nearly extinct species of indigenous grapes used in biblical winemaking thousands of years ago..... More

Israeli startups presenting at UN confab on climate change

Prime minister heads large delegation to international meeting at which Israeli clean technology and alternative energy solutions will be showcased..... More

Israeli doctors saving Palestinian Arab babies

Hadassah Hospital's “Heart for Peace” that has saved the lives of over 600 Palestinian Arab children..... More

Israeli elephant donates money for Thai elephants

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo donated $1,500 for an elephant hospital in Lampang. The check was delivered to the Thai Ambassador to Israel by a Biblical Zoo elephant named Tamar, who presented it to the Ambassador in her trunk..... More

Jerusalem's giant interactive flowers

Israeli design group HQ Architects has brought Jerusalem’s city center to life with fantastical flower sculptures that blossom and move, as people walk by. .... More

Life continues

Israeli Moran Zur's father passed away in 2002 and missed Moran's wedding. It gave Moran the idea for giving absent relatives the ability to leave video messages to their loved ones. In 2012, Moran's wife was diagnosed with advanced brain cancer, prompting Moran to develop SafeBeyond. .... More

A groundbreaking partnership in nanomedicine

Ohio USA's Cleveland Clinic and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are to develop a virtual global center that will harness the power of nanoscience and nanotechnology to deliver therapies for cardiovascular disease, neurological disease and cancer.... More

Riding around with armed Arabs

Don't worry - this is an article about Arabs who are serving in the IDF.... More

A co-existence discount

The restaurant Hummus Bar at the M Mall in Kfar Vitkin near Netanya is offering a free refill of each plate of the chickpea paste at tables seating Jews and Arabs together. The restaurant is kosher, meaning that observant Jews and Muslims can also take advantage of the offer.... More

Solar power for Ethiopia

Israel's Aora Solar is to install a “Tulip” solar energy field in Ethiopia - helping the African country to achieve its aim of being carbon-neutral by 2025. The modular system collects reflected sunlight on a solar concentrator tower shaped like a yellow tulip that generates electricity for day or night use.... More

Ex-Kuwaiti Muslim is advocate for Israel

Mumtaz Halawa's journey from Kuwaiti Muslim to Israeli Jew. Together with StandWithUs, Mumtaz (now Mark) has since developed an Arabic-language YouTube video series. It aims to dispel spurious anti-Semitic notions among the Arabs in the Middle East and start conversations about a free and democratic Israel. ... More

More female speakers

A national campaign to increase the representation of women speakers to 50%. ... More

Buzz Aldrin touches down in Israel

The second man to ever walk on the moon, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 85, talked to an enthusiastic audience at the International Astronautical Conference in Jerusalem. Buzz recounted his personal history and technical issues in space. ... More

Jews and Arabs rescue injured pelican

Amir, Sunny and Muhammad Riad Hamed from the Arab-Israeli village of Muqeible found a pelican with a broken wing and other injuries in their yard. They contacted the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and the bird is now receiving treatment at its wildlife hospital. ... More

Arab and Israeli neuroscientists work together

Ahmed El Hady is a 31-year-old Egyptian postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University’s Neuroscience Institute. His decision to co-chair the NeuroBridges 2015 Conference - a scientific meeting of the minds between Arabs and Israelis - was a no-brainer. ... More

The best place to surf

Roni Eshel, winner of the 2011 Israeli Women’s Surfing Championships, has designed goFlow – a crowdsourcing app to identify the best surfing locations. Users report beach conditions and the app automatically updates the goFlow server to inform friends or the whole surfing community. ... More

Israelis rescue Syrian migrants

Israelis aboard an Israeli yacht rescued 11 Syrian and Iraqi migrants whose boat capsized overnight near the Greek island of Kastellorizo. The yacht, from Ashdod, was on a routine training activity in the area when its occupants noticed boat wreckage. Please read what else the Israelis did. ... More

NZ Herald — Juliet Moses: I'm for peace

Oct 19, 2015
I'm pretty sure most, and probably all, of my friends in New Zealand would say that peace is something to aspire to. And if they turned their minds to it at all, they would probably say that they want peace between Israel and the Palestinians. ... More

Israeli sailors rescue Syrian, Iraqi refugees after boat capsizes

In dramatic operation, Ashdod sailing club members pull Syrian and Iraqi refugees out of Mediterranean Sea. More

Israel's Pegasus Society

Pegasus is an Israeli non-profit organization working to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned, abused or neglected horses and donkeys in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. More

Purrfection on the catwalk

Despite the current troubles in Israel, dozens of pedigree felines will compete in international cat beauty pageant in Tel Aviv. More

‘I Clown You‘ turns lens on Israel’s medical clowns

Two Russian-Israeli filmmakers are documenting four therapeutic clowns in Israel, who work as an integral part of the healing team at hospitals. More


Video of Lucy Aharish criticizing Palestinians for inciting violence and Arab Israeli leaders for insincere gestures garners 1.5 million shares on Facebook. More

Israeli satellite to bring Africa online

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that an Israeli-made AMOS-6 satellite will be launched in 2016 to bring the Internet to the poorest parts of the world. More

Israeli Jews answer with love

Article by Lebanese-born, Canadian Arab Fred Maroun. He writes “Why do the overwhelming majority of Israelis respond to hate with love? I believe that Judaism teaches love because love is effective while hate is not.” More

The largest desalination facility in North America

In a few weeks, San Diego will open the Carlsbad desalination plant, piping around 50 million gallons of water a day to households across the San Diego area. It was designed by Israel’s IDE and one of 400 desalination facilities it has designed in 40 countries. More

18-country delegation to fight BDS

A delegation of 22 parliamentarians from 18 different countries is in Israel as part of the Israel Allies Foundation's annual Jerusalem Chairman’s Conference. They will sign a resolution declaring support for Israel and vowing to take a stance against anti-Israel movements such as BDS. More

New center for Jewish and Arab hearing impaired children

The Jerusalem Foundation has opened a home in Abu Tor, for Jewish and Arab children with hearing impairments. The MICHA (Society for Deaf Children in Israel) center contains 4 pre-school classes and an audiology institute with clinics and advanced technology. More

Keeping West Point cadets in shape

West Point Military Academy and numerous NBA teams in the US are turning to Israeli start-up PhysiMax, which, using 3D cameras, provides cloud-based analytics of how players are performing. One of the main aims of the system is to prevent injuries from inefficient movement. More

1500-year-old mosaic unveiled

At Kiryat Gat’s “Factories from Within” festival, Israeli archaeologists will reveal an ancient mosaic discovered during local excavations. The mosaic depicts scenes of ancient Egypt. More

“They will all come to celebrate Tabernacles in Jerusalem”

Thousands of evangelical Christians from more than 80 countries descended upon Jerusalem this week to show their support for the Jewish State. More

High-pressure Oxygen to treat fibromyalgia

A study by 13 Israeli researchers has proved that the high-pressure Oxygen treatment reduces or eliminates medication needed for sufferers of the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia. More

Calming autistic children

Israel's Association for Children at Risk has developed an Autism and Resiliency Program aimed at soothing frayed nerves of the 1,000 Israeli children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The program relieved trauma during Operation Protective Edge but is now being adapted to everyday needs. More

Employment for Bedouin women

Israel's Economy Ministry and the Joint Distribution Committee-Israel (JDC) have opened 19 Arab-run Rayan Employment Centers serving 63 municipalities in northern and southern Israel. Since 2012 they have placed 9,100 Arabs, including many Bedouin women, in local jobs. More

Never lose anything ever again

Israel's GetPixie has developed the Location of Things (LoT) platform and produced Pixie points that you stick to your valued objects (keys, wallet, sunglasses etc.) Use your smartphone to find them anytime. Pixie can even alert you if you leave the house without them. More

No more dummies

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat joined sixty children as they inaugurated the city’s first pacifier tree. The children hung their pacifiers on the tree, part of a project to assist children in breaking away from their trusted friend. More

2000-year-old podium found in Jerusalem

Pool to the Temple Mount. Four large stone rectangles form steps up to a platform, commonly used for public announcements in biblical times. More

Go forth and multiply

Six-year-old white rhinoceros Keren Peles has given birth to a female calf at the Ramat Gan Safari. She is the 27th rhino born at the safari, which belongs to an international consortium of zoos working to pull the white rhino back from the verge of extinction. More

Restoring eyesight in Kyrgyzstan

A group of Israeli doctors restored the eyesight of 90 adults and children in Kyrgyzstan thanks to Israeli-Jewish Eye from Zion volunteer organization. The doctors performed cornea surgery, plastic surgery and removed tumors and cataracts. Many patients had been blind for years. More

One of the best places to raise your kids

Israel has been ranked fourth in the world for expat families to bring up their children, according to the Family Life Index carried out by the Inter Nations institute. The index ranks countries in categories such as quality, cost and availability of childcare and education. More

The IDF's humanitarian missions

This new video shows that beyond protecting Israel's citizens, its soldiers embrace another role: serving a source of relief for people all over the world. From Japan to Haiti, from Nepal to the Philippines, Israel's soldiers have worked miracles and saved lives. More

High-speed Jerusalem-Tel Aviv link gets on track

Israel Railways has begun laying the tracks of the high-speed railway line between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - the first in Israel to run on electricity. The 56km link will have five tunnels, eight bridges and cost around NIS 7 billion (about $1.85 billion). More

Work starts on Tel Aviv light railway

Construction of the Tel Aviv light rail system has officially begun. Workers started excavations near the Allenby Street-Yehuda Halevi Street intersection, where one of the light rail stations will be located. The project is expected to take six years to complete. More

108 Ukrainian Jews fly to freedom

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews brought 108 Jews from war-torn Ukraine to make a new start in the land of their spiritual forefathers. They were welcomed at Ben-Gurion Airport by members of the IDF, with Israeli flags, balloons, and warm greetings. More

A safe and fun place to visit

Julie Bort recently spent a week in Israel and wants everyone to know that it is extremely easy and safe to travel there, even if you're an American non-Jewish woman traveling alone who doesn't speak or read Hebrew. More

Israeli medial clowns at Chinese hospitals

Israeli medical clowns from “Dream Doctors” visited seven hospitals and orphanages in Chengdu, southwestern China. In colorful clown costumes and with big red noses, they sang songs, played ukulele, performed magic tricks and blew bubbles in the wards to cheer up the patients. More

New Center for Autism in Jerusalem

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Hadassah Medical Center will establish the first interdisciplinary university-based autism center in the Middle East. The Autism Center will bring together cutting-edge research, clinical services, state of the art training and education for professionals and parents in the community. More

A truly moderate Palestinian Arab politician

Mohammed Dajani Daoudi heads Israel's tiny Wasatia political party. He was educated to hate Israelis, but completely changed when his father had his cancer treated in an Israeli hospital. He accepts Jews having equal rights to Arabs and fights holocaust denial. More

Israel promotes science in Ghana

Israel has flown two outstanding female science students from Ghana to the World Science Conference in Israel. Lilian Abrafi Yeboah and Nana Esi Nyarko were given free all-expensive return trips to join 400 young science masterminds from over 70 countries and 15 Nobel laureates. More

Play on computer? Exercise first

Israeli Eylon Porat has built an accessory for his daughter’s computer. It comprises an exercise bike that she has to pedal in order to unlock games on the computer for a certain time period. When she run out of credits the computer locks again until she pedals enough “credits” to unlock it. More

Israel's largest indoor market is open

The 8,700 square meter Sarona Market has opened across from the Azrieli towers in the heart of Tel Aviv. It comprises 89 businesses and anticipates up to 15,000 visitors per day. More

Rare baby sand cats born in Israel

Rotem, a sand cat at the Ramat Gan Safari, has given birth to three kittens. The sand cat is the only species of cat able to survive in total deserts but now exists mostly in captivity.

Israeli-Arab delivers baby of mother of terror victim

Magen David Adom paramedic Ziad Dawiyat has met Chana Braun twice. Firstly he transported her 3-month-old baby Chaya to hospital, where she died from being run-over by an Arab terrorist. The second, though, was when he came to deliver Chana’s new baby. More

Israeli police save Palestinian-Arab girl

A team of Border Police in Hebron responded to the emergency call from the family of a young Palestinian-Arab girl suffering acute respiratory distress. Corporal Shai Chen administered oxygen to stabilize the girl’s breathing and bring her pulse down to a normal rate. More

Photos of things only seen in Israel


Israeli help for Syrian Druze

Rabbi Yechiel Z. Eckstein, head of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, is helping destitute Syrian Druze refugees sheltering in Jordan. More

Flood relief for Myanmar

Israel responded quickly to recent severe flooding in Myanmar. Ambassador Daniel Zonshine personally delivered a truck of food, medicines, mosquito nets and hygiene packs to the hard-hit Thayarwaddy delta area. Israel’s MASHAV is preparing more supplies, including water purification tablets. More

The Facebook wedding

The death of the bride’s father led many invited guests to believe that the wedding was canceled and only 10 relatives turned up. One of them used Facebook to request strangers to fulfill the mitzvah of making the bride and groom happy. Over 1,000 people came out to celebrate. More

Archaeologists discover Goliath's birthplace

Israeli archaeologists at Bar-Ilan University have discovered an entrance gate and other remnants of the Philistine city of Gath, which was mentioned in the bible as the home of the giant Goliath, who fought and lost against the man who later became King David. More

A Heart for Peace

Since it began in 2005, A Heart for Peace’s Israeli and Palestinian Arab doctors at Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital have treated 607 children with congenital heart diseases from Gaza and the PA territories. No child has been prevented from receiving care. More

Haifa doctors save two Palestinian Arabs in Jerusalem.

18 year-old Muhammad Jabri nearly died in a Hebron car crash but was saved by doctors from Haifa’s Rambam hospital who were at Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem treating another Palestinian Arab when Jabri was brought in. More

Superfood for Rwanda

Five young agronomists from Rwanda have spent a year studying Israeli agriculture. The most significant project was how to grow spirulina algae, a superfood that contains all the essential nutrients a human body requires. It could save millions of Rwandan children from malnutrition. More

Israeli drones to protect Australian sheep.

Israel’s Ninox Robotics and Bluebird Aerosystems are employing Israeli drones with thermal imaging to guard farms from pests such as kangaroos and wild dogs. It saves farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of sheep, plus hours spent defending them. More

Putting Hebrew texts on-line.

The National Library of Israel and the British Library in London are to digitize all of the 3,200 rare Hebrew manuscripts at The British Library. More

50,000 Christian Zionists for a united Jerusalem.

Israel365, an Israeli NGO that promotes the biblical significance of the Jewish state to Evangelical Christian Zionists, presented Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein with a “Jerusalem Covenant” proclamation signed by more than 50,000 people affirming the unity of Jerusalem. More

2000-year-old Jewish inscriptions in Jerusalem.

Archeologists have excavated a ritual bath (mikve) dating to the time of the Second Temple (first century CE) inside an underground cave in Jerusalem. The walls were adorned with paintings and Aramaic inscriptions in cursive Hebrew script. More

Israel's Arab diplomat. George Deek is a Christian Arab whose family fled to Lebanon in 1948 but returned to the Jewish State. George is an Israeli diplomat and an amazing speaker. More

The IDF now caters for vegans. The Israel Defense Forces is providing new culinary options for vegan soldiers. To date, bases nationwide offered vegetarian menus, and vegan soldiers received a special allowance to purchase vegan foods. More

From our roof, to your table. Several Tel Aviv restaurants are serving very fresh, locally-sourced vegetables. In fact they are grown on the roof of the nearby Dizengoff Center. More

Maccabi games in Berlin. 70 years after the Holocaust, a record 2300 Jewish athletes from Israel and all over the world gathered for the Maccabi Games, known as the ‘Jewish Olympics’ in Berlin, at the site where Hitler opened the 1936 ‘Nazi Games’, which barred Jewish participants. More

Israeli vets save Samuni the lion. The lion story that didn’t make international headlines this week is that Israeli veterinarian surgeons removed a tumor from the stomach of Sumani – an 8-year-old lion at Ramat Gan safari. More

Israeli facility to turn plastic waste into fuel Israelis dispose of 1,500 tons of plastic waste daily, most of which is buried in landfills • Environmental Services Company, a government-operated waste management body, plans to derive 600 kilos of oil-like substance from every ton of plastic treated. More

Pharma Two B Announces Positive Results in its Phase IIb Pivotal Clinical Study of P2B001 for the Treatment of Early Stage Parkinson’s Disease More

Investing in the weakest members of society Since 2002, Bakehila (In the Community) has helped more than 25,000 poor Jerusalem residents to be self-sustaining contributors to their communities. More

The making of an Israeli entrepreneur More

Free Wi-Fi on Buses in South Africa thanks to RADWIN's Wireless Mobility Solution More

International Journalists Tour Israel Towards WATEC 21 journalists from all over the globe recently spent four days in Israel touring the country’s water installations and companies. More

Israel National Day at Expo 2015 in Milan More

In first, imperial Roman legionary camp uncovered near Megiddo Archaeologists unearth remains of 2,000-year-old Galilee garrison of Sixth Legion Ferrata, where 5,000 men kept order at time of Bar Kochba Revolt — the only permanent Roman military camp ever discovered in region More

Mobile Horizons: Israel More

Better booster seat gives British immigrant a leg up Israel’s start-up culture helps nurture idea for older kids’ car chair that’s tiny, convenient and safer More

Herzl Day Tour of Eastern Jerusalem More

Israel's tech whiz-kids-in-training? Ultra-Orthodox Jews More

Jerusalem Biking festival combines Sports & Fun Biking up and down across Jerusalem's hills, while enjoying the iconic walls of the old city and the many green parks is a unique experience. This year, over 5,000 bikers took part in the Tour Jerusalem annual biking event, which is being held for the third consecutive year.

No-stitch corneal transplants Groundbreaking fiber-optic laser system seamlessly closes incisions after corneal transplants, and could be used in many other surgeries. More

Rainbow Coral Found Deep in the Red Sea May Be Key to Fighting Cancer A team of international scientists, including researchers from Tel Aviv University and Israel’s Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences (IUI), have discovered that glowing deep sea rainbow coral may hold a vital key to helping fight cancer. More

Meet Israel's first ever Arab female bus driver Female bus drivers are not common in Israel but a Muslim Arab female driver is a first for the country. Soheila Fedila, a 44-year-old mother of four, has been a public bus driver for three years now and is paving the way for other young Arab women. More

“Unveiled” - A Dialog with Dr. Qanta Ahmed Distinguished guests, members of the Technion Board of Governors, faculty, and students gathered in a packed auditorium in the Henry and Marilyn Taub and Family Science and Technology Center, at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology on Sunday, June 14. They came to listen to a one-on-one dialogue with Technion President, Prof. Peretz Lavie, and special guest – 2015 Technion Honorary Fellow, Dr. Qanta Ahmed. More

Making Sesame Seeds a Growth Area in Global Food Production Scientist wins Kaye Innovation Award for recognizing ancient crop's value to a hungry planetbr
Many people think of sesame seeds as a topping on hamburger buns at profitable global fast-food chains. But in fact the crop has traditionally been unprofitable and difficult to harvest because it produces a low yield. A high percentage of sesame seeds grown are not suitable for human consumption. More

MUV Interactive: Turn your world into a touchscreen UTube video

New Israel-to-Boston flights will be a boon for local tech sector Israeli entrepreneur Udi Mokady has been lobbying for a direct flight from Boston to Israel since 2001, when he opened the Newton headquarters of his IT security firm, CyberArk Software. More

Vietnam expects 2 billion USD trade in 2015 with Israel Vietnam and Israel should make more efforts to expand their trade to 2 billion USD in 2015 and higher in the following years, said Chairman of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Economic Affairs Vuong Dinh Hue. More

India and Israel A Good Partnership More

How Israel defies drought Israel ended its driest year on record with a water surplus. Lessons from a desert nation on how to get more out of the spigot. ... “The Israelis are turning seawater into tap water, pioneering new types of irrigation, and reusing wastewater at the highest rate of any country in the world. ” More

IMF Issues Upbeat Preliminary Report On Israel's Economy More

China, Israel entering FTA talks One of the economic news highlights for China this week is the signing of a free trade agreement with Australia on Wednesday. And that brings the total number of such documents China has signed to 14, involving 22 countries or regions. More

Behind the Scenes of the Israeli Opera Festival at Masada

Israel in 'Top 5 Happiest Countries in the World Better Life Index rates highest life satisfaction score of 36 countries. More

McCully pushes for Palestine-Israel peace process

Friday Jun 5, 2015
By Kate Shuttleworth
New Zealand foreign minister Murray McCully arrived in the Middle East in a push to get Israeli and Palestinian leadership back to the negotiation table.
While at a function at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and asked by the New Zealand Herald how soon peace talks could resume Mr McCully said: “my first preference would be tomorrow morning”. .. www.nzherald.co.nz

Q&A Michael Khoury: Israeli Arab promotes trade in Canada More

Daily Report of the Gaza Strip Crossings 01.06.15 Read pdf

Why Israel matters to America More - Washington Examiner

“A Roof for All” shelter program in Nepal IsraAID has launched its “A Roof for All” program to provide safe and sturdy transitional shelter for thousands of displaced families who have lost their homes as a result of the last two devastating earthquakes in Nepal. More - Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ecuador-Israel: the “Green Brick” Community Project to build a medical center More - Israel Science Info

Israel, Kazakhstan Launch Joint Irrigation Project in Almaty Region Though the anti-Israel boycott movement seems to be spreading at an alarming rate, it appears Kazakhstan has little interest in such politics, as the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced a joint initiative to develop the Central Asian nation’s irrigation systems. More - The algemeiner

Thanks to Israel, Paper Will Soon be a Thing of the Past More - Israel Video Network

Nuclear-neutered flies head to Balkans Millions of Israeli-raised sterile insects primed to go into battle against the Mediterranean fruit fly, which has been wreaking havoc in citrus groves More

Meet Grammy-nominated mandolinist Avi Avvitol Despite a grueling global concert schedule, the Beersheva nativ’s mandolin-plucking is suffused with energy and charm More

Polish Sejm launches pro- Israel caucus JERUSALEM (Tazpit) - This past week, the Polish Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus was launched at the Polish parliament, known as the Sejm, in Warsaw. An Israeli delegation from the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) and the World Jewish Congress (WJC) were in Warsaw on Monday, June 1 to launch the new caucus. More - San Diego Jewish World

President awards Unity Prize in honor of 3 slain teens Inaugural Jerusalem Unity Prize award ceremony celebrates social initiatives, individuals and members of the Israeli diaspora community for their commitment to unity and tolerance among Jewish communities and Israeli society. More

A baby from East Timor, an Ethiopian doctor and an Israeli charity come together More at i24 News

IDF Major General ditches Army career to build home for the disabled More at UTube

Students Build a Community More at UTube

When A Student’s Baby Started Crying In Class, This Professor Did The Most Awesome Thing More at BuzzFeed life

Miamians forge bonds with Israel’s tech innovators More at Maima Herald

RPT-Milking it: Israel leads the way in dairy tech More at Reuters

The Israeli technology behind Airbn's most-efficient hosts More at Israel 21c

Germany Donates Funds to Restore Tel Aviv's Bauhaus-Style Buildings More at 5Towns Jewish Times

Israeli innovations save lives in Nepal

May 5, 2015

Israeli medical devices and technology help teams locate and treat victims, says United Hatzalah paramedic in charge of a three-organization relief effort ..... More

Nepal Earthquake: Foreign Medical Personnel Snapshot

As of 30 April 2015

Download a pdf

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Israel sent a delegation of 122 and set up a field hospital. The next country to send aid was Taiwan with 37 people.
Visit website

Nepal Thanks Israel for Humanitarian Aid

May 1, 2015

Download a pdf

By Anav Silverman Tazpit News Agency

The Foreign Minister of Nepal, Mahendra Bahadur Pandey thanked Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman today for the humanitarian aid that Israel has sent in the wake of the country's devastating earthquake. Pandey noted that the Nepalese people deeply appreciate the aid being sent from Israel.

Photos: Magen David Adom spokesperson / MDA delegation providing medical care to locals in Kathmandu this week following the massive earthquake that hit Nepal during the weekend.

Liberman spoke with Pandey on Tuesday morning, April 28 and thanked Nepalese authorities for their assistance in sending out helicopters to evacuate stranded Israelis in more remote areas of Nepal. Nepal agreed to Israel's request to use helicopters chartered in India and China to rescue those stranded Israelis. ..... More

Rescuers on 2 El Al Jets Heading for Nepal Sunday El Al Director David Maimon announced Saturday evening that in response to a request from the Defense Ministry, the airliner will send two 747-400 Jumbo Jets to Nepal at 5:00 p.m. Sunday, following the earthquake that has killed close to 1,500. The planes - a passenger jet and a cargo jet - will carry an aid delegation from the Homefront Command and the Ministry of Defense, along with its equipment and supplies. .. More

Israel's drip irrigation pioneer says his tech feeds a billion people As his firm prepares to unveil world's biggest project in India, Rafi Mehudar, one of this year's Independence Day torch-lighters, says the battle against famine is far from over .. More

Israel Independence Day - Flags, Falafel & Flying A review of the ceremonies, gadgets and trappings unique to our Israel Independence Day celebrations. .. More

PM Netanyahu's Greeting for Independence Day 2015 .. More UTube

Israeli Scientists Discover How a Bacterial Cell Recognizes Its Own DNA .. More

Hadassah Doctors Discover Potential Treatment of Alopecia Areata .. More

How Do Animals Drink - at Safari Ramat Gan .. More UTube

Illustrating Coexistence: The Circassian Captain of Maccabi Haifa/Nahalal .. More UTube

Orad's NAB 2013 On Air Graphics Solutions .. More UTube

Elbit, IMI and Orbit to Develop 3D Printer for Aviation Components .. More

Percepto: Computer Vision Apps for Drones .. More UTube

Israeli's New World Heritage Site (Photo Essay) .. More

From Field to Fork: Produce from the land of Israel provides great Israeli cuisine .. More UTube

An ANZAC message from Australia's ambassador to Israel

Dave and Michael

April 21, 2014
by Michael Kuttner
It is obvious that Dave Sharma enjoys his ambassadorial duties in a country which in his words is so diverse and dynamic. He never ceases to be amazed by the vitality and variety of experiences which makes Israel such a leader in so many fields of endeavor. .. "> Download a pdf

A Yossele in trouble

Joey taped into Kangaroo

>April 21, 2014
by Michael Kuttner
We call them Joeys but perhaps Israelis may refer them to as Yosseles…either way one found himself in trouble in Ramat Gan.
Keren Or of the Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan sends us this report: “The story is that Alex the keeper found the Red kangaroo joey on the ground, hypothermic and dirty. The joey must have fallen from its mother’s pouch during the night or early morning. Alex rushed the joey to the zoo hospital for care.”.. Download a pdf

A Revolution in Drug Delivery for Ovarian Cancer Tel Aviv University American Friends ... More UTube video

Starting up in Israel: The Unique Opportunity for Women Why you should keep an eye on the startups coming out of Israel — or better yet, launch your own there. ... More

Lawn Bowling for the Blind Vision-impaired Israelis have long been discovering the joys of lawn bowls, and now an innovative program is introducing the sport to children. ... More

Israeli Water Delegation on Mission to Help Brazil Solve Water Crisis Brazil is experiencing its worst water shortage ever. Low levels of rainfall, increased water use, and low infrastructure investments have led to the lowest water levels in the history of Brazil. ... More

Canada, Israel join forces to aid Ukrainian agriculture ... More

Solar power for Burundi has Israeli ties Gigawatt Global plans a 7.5-megawatt solar PV field to produce enough electricity for 60,000 households in Burundi’s Gitega region. ... More

More power per flower Joint Israeli-American ‘precise breeding’ project is working toward extending the shelf-life of petunias, one of the world’s favorite flowers ... More

In Israel's High-Tech Desert, Food Solutions For The Third World ... More

The Carasso Science Park - Be'er Sheva ... More UTube Video

Don't press paws: how DogTV built a global TV channel for man's best friends No cats allowed on the first TV station for dogs, which wants to relieve separation anxiety: ‘People feel really guilty leaving their dogs at home ...’ More

Israeli Stamps - Index 2015 ... More

The Knesset Goes Solar:

Israel's Government Building Becomes ‘Greenest Parliament’ in the World

April 28, 2014
By Anav Silverman, Tazpit News Agency

With nearly 50 years of history behind Israel's parliament building, the Classical stone structure has seen countless historical changes and events. But a new kind of revolution is making its way through the halls of the Israeli parliament with the “Green Knesset Project”, a unique environmentally friendly initiative spearheaded by Members of Knesset from the right and left of Israel's political parties.

On Sunday, March 29, the largest solar field in any parliament in the world was unveiled as one of the major highlights of the Green Knesset Project, undertaken by the 19th Knesset over one year ago. The solar field contains 4.65 dunams of solar panels, which have been installed on the roofs of the Knesset. .... Read Full article

Israeli doctors save life of Iraqi toddler with heart defect Team of Hadassah Hospital surgeons spend eight hours performing complicated operation that included moving main arteries and creating path through Maryam Mansour's heart so it would function normally ... More

Israeli Company Gets $5 Million Financing to Develop Heart Monitoring Implant Chronic congestive heart failure (CHF) is the primary cause of hospitalization in people over the age of 65, affecting about 26 million people globally. The related cost in the United States alone is estimated at up to $40 billion. About half that amount stems from hospital readmissions - 25 percent of heart-failure patients are readmitted within a month, and half within six months. ... More

Baseball for All - Not Just a Catchphrase Baseball is not politics, so what better way is there to bring together two sides of a divide than through a sport where the greatest conflict is over a bad call by an umpire. ... More

Can Israel's Medical Diplomacy Make It the Cuba of the Middle East? Pushing the Hippocratic Oath in service of foreign policy puts doctors on the frontlines ... More

India's Modi Tweets Netanyahu in Hebrew, Showing Strong Indo-Israeli Ties After Benjamin Netanyahu's victory on Tuesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted in Hebrew, “Mazel tov, my friend Bibi @Netanyahu. I remember our meeting in New York last September warmly.” ... More

Israel Sends Aid to Cyclone Hit Vanuatu Emergency relief teams from IsraAID are bringing food, water and other aid to starving islanders. ... More

Facebook Messenger Platform Revolutionized With Israeli Magisto Shot Video Editing App Magisto app transforms photos into video stories, The Next Step In The Evolution Of Messaging For Hundreds Of Millions Of Facebook Messenger Users ... More

Searching for Wild Iris on Mount Gilboa - With Galilee Green ... More UTube

900.000 people take part in Good Deeds Day Volunteers clean up forests, spruce up neighborhoods, run activities for special needs communities, and distribute food during this year’s ninth annual initiative ... More

110 Ukraine Jews Arrive on IFJC Refugee Rescue Flight More than 100 Jews began new lives in Israel after arriving Tuesday on a special IFJC refugee rescue aliyah flight from Ukraine. ... More

MOoNA - A space for change MOoNA - a space for change is a collaborative space that enables the people of the Galilee to dream and achieve technological and entrepreneurship and innovation, which we believe will help the region reach a social and economical breakthrough. ... More UTube

Syrian Boy Who Lost Leg in War Fitted With Prosthesis in Israel At first, doctors fought for his life as he suffered from serious infections. ... More Jewish Business News

Monash University and BGU to Launch Joint Seed Fund and Entrepreneurship Course At BGU, the course is part of the Entrepreneurship & Hi-Tech Track within the Department of Business Administration, of the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management. ... More Jewish Business News

Britain’s Prince William Meets Israeli Aid Workers in Japan While Visiting Earthquake Disaster Sites Britain's Prince William met with relief staff from the Israeli humanitarian group IsraAID while in Japan this week visiting areas hit by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, ... More the algemeiner

Kenya: Embu Taps Israeli Water Technology Investors from Israel and the Embu County government will partner to introduce water saving technology in the face of growing threat from climate change. ... More all Africa - The Star

Two smaall, smart countries doing tech together 'Singapore is a great place to implement new technology, offering extensive opportunities for Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship.' ... More Israel 21

Triplets in uniform, one disabled: A story of hope and determination Tzippy Avni of Eilat shared the following personal story with the Jewish National Fund in honor of Jewish Disability Awareness Month, an initiative to foster inclusion in Jewish communities worldwide. ... More Jewish National Fund: Stories, Opinions, Impressions

Scientists develop a novel method to suppress malaria parasite’s virulence genes, break the code of its immune evasion Revealed: how malaria evades the immune response by using long noncoding RNA to express one gene while silencing others. ... More The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Israeli aid group provides help for refugees in northern Iraq Kurdish, Yazidi and Christian refugees have been receiving help from IsraAid, which will soon begin providing a schooling framework - Founding director of IsraAid, Shachar Zahavi: Primary goal now is to help the children. ... More Israel Hayom

Israeli doctors try to save Christian baby who fled Islamic State A refugee running out of time and options for her sick daughter, Aramaic speaker Lina hopes her prayers will be answered in Jerusalem ... More The Times of Israel

Israel to back up cyber security in Azerbaijan In the times of boosting information technologies, cyber security provision is a must for every country. And Azerbaijan, with its prospering ICT sphere is not an exception ... More AZERNEWS

Kosovo leader addresses Israel Council on Foreign Relations In a speech before the Israel Council on Foreign Relations (ICFR), which operates under the auspices of the World Jewish Congress, Enver Hoxhaj, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations of the Kosovo and former minister of foreign affairs and of education, spoke about Kosovo's desire to achieve recognition by the State of Israel. ... More World Jewish Congress

42 Billion Worms Airlifted From Germany to Combat Israel’s Palm Weevil The nematode worms are not dangerous in any way to humans or animals. ... More Jewish Business News

A new partnership between the University of Haifa and the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute will advance deep sea research in Israel As part of the first cooperative venture of its kind between the University of Haifa and the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute, a festive cornerstone laying ceremony was held launching the construction of the deep sea research labs for the Harry and Leona Helmsley Mediterranean Sea Research Center at the University of Haifa. ... More University of Haifa

Israel focus big plank of Panaya buyout The Israeli angle of Infosys' recent acquisition of Panaya, a software as a service (SaaS) company, for $200 million enterprise value is getting a larger focus after the company’s Chief Executive Officer Vishal Sikka informed an investor call that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself mentioned to him “about the opportunity to partner with more Israeli innovation”. ... More Deccan Herald

Israeli business school exports secrets of a 'start-up nation' Lahav Executive education offers international entrepreneurs insights into Israeli success and tactics for tackling Silicon Valley ... More RMIT University

Fascinating excavation finds at Jerusalem's Tower of David 'Everyone knows that Jerusalem is made upon layer upon layer of history. In this very small place we have all that history' ... Watch UTube

Israeli divers chance upon 'priceless' treasure on seabed Scuba divers have inadvertently discovered the largest trove of gold coins ever found off Israel's Mediterranean coast. ... More BBC News

Accurate Low Cost Medical Patch Pump We are developing the world’s lowest cost patch pump that has the potential to impact the lives of millions of people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s worldwide. The relatively high cost of patch pumps has to date been a major barrier to their use in drug delivery. ... More UTube

Give Your Heart Out: Valentine's Day Campaign ... More UTube

Five Years Post Quake, Israel is Still Helping Haiti Heal IsraAID runs a medical facility, an agriculture program, a youth empowerment center and a gender violence prevention program for Haitian women.... Read More

tanzania english ... More UTube

Samurai House in Israel Startup East is the first Israeli – Asian accelerator aiming to connect between startups from both Israel and Asia. ... Read More

By The Rivers Of Babylon Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem... More UTube

1,000 children pick fruit, celebrate Tu B'Shevat JERUSALEM (TAZPIT)–In honor of Tu B'Shevat, the Jewish holiday that marks the beginning of the new year for trees, youth volunteering with Leket Israel, on Wednesday, Feb. 4, picked excess fruit remaining on trees in people’s private gardens to give to the poor.... Read More

Dr. “Cannabis” Alan Shackelford puts medicine into marijuana, in Israel Thirty-five years ago an Israeli researcher documented the case for medicinal cannabis to treat epilepsy. It was one of these studies by a Prof. Raphael Mechoulam that Denver-based physician Dr. Alan Shackelford read when he was debating one of the hardest questions of his career: Should he, could he? give a 5-year-old pot? ... Read More

Beer-Sheva Recognized as a “City of Tomorrow” T3 Advisors, a global corporate real estate services and consulting firm, and the Brandeis International Business School recently announced the results of the first of its kind joint Global Technology Emerging Markets study .... Read More

Meet the Arab Christians who want to fight for Israel - Army volunteers prefer to be part of a Jewish state than an Arab one Sitting in front of the family Christmas tree dressed in military fatigues, Amir Shalayan seemed in no doubt about his identity. “When you go back back in religion, I consider myself a real Jew,” he said, unabashed by the non-Jewish festive decorations in his living room. “Jesus was Jewish and he was observing the Shabbat (Jewish sabbath).) Mr Shalayan is in fact an Arab Christian, a category he refers to as “Aramean”, but .... “I’m supporting the bill,” he said. “I would rather be a second-class citizen under a Jewish state than a first-class citizen in an Arab state. Arab countries don't have any system. They want to act according to Sharia (Islamic law). Christians have been persecuted all over the world and this is the only country (in the Middle East) that gives me the right to be Christian and practice my rituals.“ Read More

Israel's Water-Gen makes India entry with innovative air to water technology solutions Water-Gen, the pioneer in air-to-water technology and a leader in water purification across the globe, announced its entry into the Indian market with the showcase of three solutions — Atmospheric water generations, “Spring” Portable Battery Operated Water Purification System and Water Treatment of air conditioner run off waste.... Read More

PM Netanyahu's Remarks at Business Forum in Jerusalem Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks at a business forum held in Jerusalem, sponsored by the Japan External Trade Organization. ... YouTube Video

Creating a Hub for Water Engineers - First Water Technology Event Takes Place at Kinneret College At the Sea of Galilee, Israel's “Kinneret College in the Jordan Valley” is busy grooming Israeli water engineers. We first reported on the pioneering program - in which students receive a B.Sc. degree in Water Industries Engineering - ... Read More

Israel Exhibition Pavilion Opens in India With the development of trade the USA and EU somewhat limited as a result of low growth forecasts, Israel is looking East quite successfully. The Israel pavilion entitled “Israel Innovation in India” which opened this week will exhibit the ongoing Indo-Israeli cooperation and showcase advanced Israeli technologies in the fields of agriculture and homeland security.... Read More

Israel's TabTale acquires Serbian studio as kids-game studio targets older audiences Israel mobile gaming company TabTale had acquired Serbian game development studio Level Bit. Neither company disclosed terms of the deal. In acquiring the Serbian firm, the Tel Aviv-based TabTale is taking the money from its kids games publishing success and investing it in internal game development. ... Read More

Safed, Israel's mystical holy city Take a walk with us through the ancient cobblestoned city that is infused with art, music and spirituality. Licensed tour guide Adam Budenstein calls Safed (Tzfat) a “beautiful, mystical, magical place. Every stone has a different story to it.” ...

Afghan War Hero Who Lost Both Legs Begins IDF Volunteer Stint A 12-year US Army Special Operations veteran who was severely wounded by an IED blast during his service in Afghanistan is now in Israel to help the IDF as part of a volunteer project, and to show support for the Jewish State, the Israeli 0404 News site reported Thursday. ... Read More

Belinda Hickey — Promoting Israel “In Ireland you can hear people say almost every day: ‘Oh, those poor Palestinians! It is wrong what Israel is doing to them! It is terrible what Israel is doing to them!‘ I ask them: ‘Have you ever been to Israel?‘ The answer is always ‘no.”... Read More

Revolutionary diagnostic technique identifies what lurks in your lungs Groundbreaking new diagnostic technique used on firefighters at Ground Zero identifies dangerous particles inhaled by firefighters, factory workers, dental technicians, kids with asthma... Read More

65 Percent of Israeli Arabs Say They're Proud to Be Israeli ... Read More

IDF In TedMed - IDF Leadership And Saving Lives ... TedMed UTube Video

Automotive night vision ADAS ... UTube Video

Kodak CEI in Israel Looking to Buy Startups Jeff Clarke, the CEO of venerable camera-maker Kodak, is in Israel looking to acquire tech startups that can help rebuild his company as a leader in digital printing .... Read More

Fleeing their country's civil war, Ukrainian Jews head for Israel Alexander and Anna Gayduk, together with 226 other Ukrainians of Jewish heritage, start a new life in Israel. They flew on a charter flight funded by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a charity that supports Israel and Jewish projects around the world. ... Read More

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Highway, Aerial Aerial video of construction on the Highway to Jerusalem ascending through the Hill Country of Judah .... UTube Video

Compugen teams with Johns Hopkins University on immune checkpoints Collaboration to assist Israeli drug discovery company in further substantiating potential of its novel proteins as targets for cancer immunotherapy.... Read More

The Nanopaarticles Coming To Attack Cancer Quiet Therapeutics’ specially coated nanoparticles act like Trojan Horses entering cancer cells undetected and then killing them. ... Read More

Israel's Fight Against Poverty in Africa; Embassy Inaugurates Farm in Senegal An initiative of the Israeli embassy in Senegal recently led to the inauguration of a drip-irrigated vegetable farm in the city of Fatick earlier in December. Managed by a group of Senegalese women, the farm plot was established following a request made by the First Lady of Senegal, Marième Faye Sall, to the Israeli Embassy.... Read More

KRAV MAGA delegations from Brazil to Israel with head of "South American Federation of Krav Maga Master Kobi Master Kobe will arrive to Israel with two KRAV MAGA missions from Brazil in January 7. 2015 — The groups will hold here training and get a close knowledge on the “real Israel”. “Master Kobi Lichtenstein” (so he is being alled in the continent), will arrive along with two groups (from his 10,000 of his students) to visit Israel, training the Krav Maga in Historic Places and hearing about its history. ... Read More

The Garden That Climbs Walls To Feed You ‘The future is edible landscaping,’ predicts CEO of Israel’s GreenWall. ... Read More OR See VIDEO

Air Conditioning Systems get a “Smart” Brain Part 1 ... See VIDEO

Taiwan, Israel seek further cooperation on water technology Taiwan and Israel held a seminar in Taipei Friday aimed at seeking closer cooperation in the area of water resources management for daily and industrial uses.... Read More

Strolling along the Tel Aviv Port ... See VIDEO

Elbit Gets $100 Million Contract From Israeli Government for Firefighting Aircraft ... Read More

New Israeli Cancer Vaccine Triggers Response In 90% Of Cancer Types There’s no doubt that cancer is one of the world’s most vicious diseases. For decades, scientists have been trying to find a cure for cancer, a terminal illness that kills 8 million people worldwide every year. With 14 million new cancer cases diagnosed around the globe every year, according to the World Health Organization, the need for prevention is vital. Now, an Israeli biotechnology company is developing a vaccine for cancer, which is not designed to treat the disease – but to prevent it from returning. .... Read More

Wireless nanorod-nanotube film enables light stimulation of blind retina; breakthrough could lead to artificial retinas for visually impaired Groundbreaking wireless material triggers brain activity in response to light Scientists have developed a new light-sensitive film that could one day form the basis of a prosthetic retina to help people suffering from retinal damage or degeneration. .... Read More

First Steps to Life - Beit Issie Shapiro Published on Dec 3, 2014. In honor of International Disabilities Day 2014 Beit Issie Shapiro launches this video. See Video

First-ever-e-storybooks-with-sign-language Classics such as ‘Goldilocks’ are now accessible via iPad to American kids with hearing impairment, thanks to the Israeli project eMotion Stories. .... Read More

Schools for Bedouin flourish in the Negev “This school is excellent for us,” local tribe elder Alsyal Saleem said. “It gives the next generation a chance to work thanks to the vocational studies.” .... Read More

IDF Doctor in Emotional Reunion With Parents of Palestinian Baby Whose Life He Saved Read More

Indo-Israel Innovation colloquium discusses strategic business opportunities Technology and innovation synergies between India and Israel are immense and have become key focus areas as avenues of collaboration and partnership in academia, IT, telecom, healthcare and other areas ... Read More

Jewish-Arab Jamming in Jerusalem On 6 November 2014, over two thousand young people (and those who are simply young at heart) gathered near downtown Jerusalem to celebrate life. The "Simply Singing" initiative, which began at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, aims at bringing Jews and Arabs together through shared cultural events. .... More at UTube

Divers find prehistoric village beneath the sea near Haifa Preserved remains of a prehistoric submerged village off the coast of Haifa yields amazing archeological finds. Read More

Posatcard from Israel: Christmas in Nazareth The Galilee hometown of Jesus is a delightful place to visit any time of year, but especially during the Christmas season. Read More

Out-of-this-world Nasa photos of Israel go viral US Astronaut Barry Wilmore posted some pictures of Israel from the International Space Station and stuns world with their beauty. Read More

Israel pledges $8.75 million to halt spread of Ebola In addition to world’s largest per-capita pledge to the United Nations fund, Israel has sent medical clinics and specialists to West Africa to help curb the spread of this deadly disease. Read More

Israel's new motor fuels strategy leans on gas (Reuters) - Israel plans to cut oil use in transportation by 60 percent by 2025, an aggressive target by world standards, and will tap into its newfound natural gas deposits to make it happen. Read More

Working Together Achieves a Dream The Emek Medical Center in Afula, Israel is one of many successful stories showing how the many ethnic groups in Israel can successfully work side by side if given the opportunity. Below is the story how everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, pulled together to ensure the dream of building a cancer center became a reality. Read More

Can Women Make Up 50% of Israel's Coders By 2024? Shecodes' 4,000 Female Programmers Say Yes. Read More

Israel First Country to Recognize Aramean Nationality Read More

4 new envoys welcomed by Israel JERUSALEM - Four new ambassadors from Angola, Jamaica, the Phillipines and South Sudan presented their diplomatic credentials to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem on Wednesday, Dec. 12. Read More

Israel Annual Consumer Prices Drop for Third Month in November Read More

Haifa's 21st Festival of Festivals Haifa is inviting visitors to enjoy theatrical and musical performances, part of a festival promoting coexistence and multiculturalism. Read More

Israelis' life expectancy shoots up Men live on average 80.3 years while women live 83.9 years, according to latest figures. Read More

Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, who killed two and injured seven others after he rammed his vehicle into pedestrians at a Jerusalem Light Rail station, October 23, 2014. (photo credit: Channel 2) Once inside Israel’s hospitals, the ‘terrorist’ becomes the ‘patient’ - The Times of Israel Read More

Elephants in Kenya. Ivory, which comes from elephant tusks, is worth about $900 per pound on the black market—a lucrative proposition for animal poachers. Credit: Maryam Laura Moazedi via Wikimedia Commons. As its own turmoil rages, Israel wages lesser-known fight to save Kenyan wildlife Read More

Sustainable Nation: Israel Has Become a World-Leader in Technologies which Help Power Our Planet Cleanly Read More

Mashav: Citrus production program for professionals from India Read More

Windward names Most Innovative Cyber and Homeland Security Technology For 2014 Dowenload a pdf to Read More

Bezalel Academy wins 1st place in Tokyo Read More

Israel’s “Water City” in China — A Golden Opportunity for Israeli Companies Read More

New App Puts Dead Sea Scrolls on iPhone and iPad Read More

Operation Moses 30 Year Anniversary Read More

The UN had warm words for Israel for its crucial contribution to the war on the rapidly spreading Ebola virus. Read More

Blind and injured turtles receive visitors at the Israel Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. Read More

European and Chinese Find Interest in Israeli Industries Read More

Tel Aviv named one of the world's top culinary cities Read More

Israeli high school student Avital Boruchovsky is the 2014 European Youth U18 Chess Champion Read More

Peres Center for Peace Video Highlights Active Partnership with Hadassah Medical Center to Save Palestinian Children Read More

Israel Helping Rwanda With Green Technology Read More

An Israeli aid organization has sent relief to Yazidis and Christians fleeing Islamic State oppression and has further plans to help them survive the winter. Read More

Energy Does Grow On Trees, As Israelis Design First Solar Energy eTree;

By NoCamels Team| October 24, 2014
Read more here

First global social network for doctors G-Med, the world’s first and only global social-professional network exclusively for physicians, allows doctors anywhere to consult with colleagues, manage multinational research projects and offer virtual services to patients.

October 20, 2014. Peres Center for Peace Video Highlights Active Partnership with Hadassah Medical Center to Save Palestinian Children.Through the “Save the Children” project of the Peres Center for Peace, the Hadassah Medical Center’s physicians not only perform complex cardiac surgeries on Palestinian children, they also train Palestinian physicians so that they can treat Palestinian patients closer to home. ... Read at Hassadah

October 20, 2014. Isarelis aid Refugees fleeing Islamic State An Israeli aid organization has sent relief to Yazidis and Christians fleeing Islamic State oppression and has further plans to help them survive the winter.

October 19, 2014. Israel Helping Rwanda With Green Technology Israel is helping the poor east African nation of Rwanda save millions of dollars a year through recycling and green technology.
For its first twenty five years in existence, Israel engaged in a massive program to bring its agricultural expertise to the African continent. Israelis, many of whom had pioneered new farming techniques on kibbutzim, went to Africa to share their knowledge. Read at Jewish Business News

Cow, Milking and Herd Intelligence SCR Engineers Teams With Nestle in China Israel’s SCR Engineers Ltd, a pioneer of Cow, Milking and Herd Intelligence, is collaborating with the world's largest and leading nutrition, health and wellness company Nestlé in a major, innovative project in China − the Nestlé Dairy Farming Institute. Read at Jewish Business News

Monday October 20th, 2014. Israel at IWA Portugal — Looking to the Future of the World's Water By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager
“The discussion at IWA was very much focused on the problems of the developing world, which is suffering from a severe lack in clean drinking water,” said Professor Avner Adin, from the Israel Water Association and Adin Holdings Ltd. Professor Adin, a leading figure in Israel's water industry, represented Israel at the International Water Association (IWA)'s main event in Lisbon, together with Adi Yefet, head of the water arena at Israel NewTech. Read at Israel New Tech

Monday October 20th, 2014. 20,000 cranes fly in to Hula Valley Israel is a 'superhighway' for birds on the wing for the winter from Europe on their way to Africa. Read at Israel 21c

October 21, 2014. “Tremendously Important” 2,000 Year Old Find in Jerusalem. Israel Antiquities Authority has announced a rare find of "tremendous historical significance," it announced Tuesday: a fragment of a stone engraved with an official Latin inscription dedicated to the Roman emperor Hadrian. Read at Arutz Sheva

Remote Control Catheterization Unveiled in Israel Sept 28, 2014

New baby formula has no dairy or soy September 29, 2014

Horse Meets Israeli Boy With Williams Syndrome — INCREDIBLE

Israel continues to contribute to humanity

At a time when barbaric extremism is engulfing the region, Israel’s continuing contribution to humanity is a shining exception to the darkness threatening the world today.

Robotic Spine and Brain Surgery - Mazor Renaissance Technion Born Technology UTube video

New Israel Hologram can touch your heart while beating. Shapshifting Technology scifi is REAL UTube video

New directive requires businesses to employ disabled workers Read at Israel Hayom

Israel approves Intel plan to invest $6 billion in Jewish state Read at jns

Stunning stalactite cave discovered in Jerusalem hills Read at Israel Hayom

PA Paper Admits Jewish Employers Treat Arabs Better

By Ari Yashar First Publish: September 23, 2014
Boycotts target Jewish companies in Judea and Samaria - but PA survey finds local Arabs get better pay and rights from Jewish employers.
The global BDS boycott move against Israeli Jewish businesses, such as SodaStream, that operate in Judea and Samaria claims to aim to benefit local Arabs - but according to the Palestinian Authority's (PA) official daily, it is doing just the opposite. ... Read at Israel National News

Israeli-Arab Priest at UN Human Rights Council:
”Israel is the only place where
Christians in the Middle East are safe.“

Download a pdf

By Anav Silverman
Tazpit News Agency – Tuesday 23 September 2014

Geneva, Switzerland - In a speech to the United Nations Human Rights Council today, September 23, Father Gabriel Naddaf, an Israeli Arab Greek Orthodox priest from Nazareth, called attention to the plight of Christian minorities suffering under Muslim extremists in the Arab world.

Speaking immediately after a panel discussion on the “Human Rights Situation in Palestine and Other Occupied Arab Territories,” during a special debate on racism at the Council’s 27th Regular Session, Father Naddaf discussed the violent oppression facing Middle Eastern Christians and their widespread flight from the region in recent years. Read More

'Aramean' officially recognized as nationality in Israel

“It is a historic decision ... proof that Israel protects its citizens and identity of its minorities, unlike all the Arab nations around us,” Aramean-Christian community leader says • Interior minister instructs Population Authority to act accordingly.
Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar on Tuesday approved having “Aramean” as a nationality on Israeli identification cards, a move warmly received by Israel's Christian-Aramean community. .... Read More

And — Righting a historic wrong

This is history in the making. No less. We've been used to putting all the minorities that live among us into one box. For most of us, they are “Arabs.”
But that is not at all the case. The Muslim invasion in the seventh century forced Arab culture on many peoples who lived in the area long before anyone had ever heard of Islam. Familiar with the “Druzerdquo; and the ldquo;Circassians”63; Starting now, practice using the term “Arameans.&lrquo; .... Read More

Israel Joins International Efforts to Help Prevent Spread of Ebola

By: Anav Silverman, Tazpit News Agency
Published: September 7th, 2014
Israel is joining international efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola in Africa, which has been one of the largest Ebola outbreaks in history and is currently affecting five West African nations including Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Senegal. Read More

R & D for the elderly

The Israel Ministry of Science has announced a call for proposals in a new research program devoted to developing scientific and technological innovations for Israel’s elderly. Read More

Israeli Hospital Saves Gaza Child Facing Kidney Failure, Overcomes ‘Nightmare Scenario’

September 9, 2014
Author: Shiryn Ghermezian
Israel's Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa introduced an innovative procedure to save the life of a 14-year-old boy from Gaza who suffered from kidney failure for years and was in dire need of a transplant, the hospital said on Monday. Read More

These clothes crush viruses, bacteria and fire

By Abigail Klein Leichman September 7, 2014.
‘Everybody touching Ebola should be outfitted with our highly anti-viral fabric from head to toe,’ asserts Argaman Technologies cofounder. Read More

12-Year Old Injured Syrian Boy Escapes to Israel on Donkey for Medical Treatment

By Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel - Tazpit News Agency - Monday 8 September, 2014

A 12-year-old Syrian boy arrived over the weekend to an Israeli hospital with injuries to his arms, leg, and eyes sustained from a mortar attack on his home near Damascus. The boy was led on a donkey by his brother up the slopes of Mt. Hermon to an IDF base on the mountain, from where Israeli forces evacuated him to Ziv Medical Center in the northern town of Safed. A spokesman for the hospital told Tazpit News Agency that the boy is the latest of 358 injured Syrians to be treated there in the last year and a half, most of them victims of the Syrian civil war. Read More

Israeli Children, Parents On Gaza Border Start New School Year with Mixed Feelings

September 1, 2014

By Anav Silverman, Tazpit News Agency

Ashkelon Municipality / Ashkelon schoolchildren start new school year on Monday, Sept. 1.

On Monday, September 1, schools across Israel opened the school year, as 2,105,394 children took their places in the classrooms a week after a 50-day war with Hamas ended in a ceasefire agreement on August 26. In southern Israel, where cities and communities were most affected by Hamas rocket fire and terror attacks, special activities took place to help children ease back into school following a summer spent mostly in bomb shelters. Read More

A British Muslim Visits Israel For The First Time.

His shocking reaction will shsock you
August 26, 2014
See at Israel Video Network

Children from Gaza with heart disease treated in Israel

Published on Jul 24, 2014
The Majority of Israel's population is in range of missiles being fired from the Gaza strip by the Hamas terror organization. The 'Save a child's heart' humanitarian project continues to treat children arriving from Gaza, who suffer from heart disease.... See at UTube

OECD: Israel attracts foreign investors

Straight from the Jerusalem Boardroom #197, August 22, 2014 .... Read More at the Ettinger Report

Israel Plans Center for Agriculture Technology in Goa

.... Read More at Jewish Business News

Yazidi Child in Israel for Surgery

While Wisam recovers from heart surgery in Israel, his father worries about the rest of the family on the run from Islamic State in northern Iraq.
Wisam was born in northern Iraq 17 months ago with life-threatening congenital heart disease. His family is one of 200,000 adherents of the Yazidi faith who have escaped to the mountains near their hometown of Sinjar under persecution by the Islamic State, the al-Qaeda terrorist group offshoot formerly known as ISIS. .... Read More at Israel 21C

Israeli Nurse Delivers Syrian Baby

“I am very happy that I came here, they are treating me nicely and taking care of me and my new baby.” - 25-year-old first-time mother.
A first-time mother from Syria is happily cradling her newborn at the Ziv Medical Center in Safed (Tsfat), after giving birth to a healthy 2.6 kg girl at the Israeli medical facility on Tuesday (August 26, 2014). This is the seventh birth of a Syrian baby at the northern medical center.
“We have already treated a number of mothers and babies from Syria and we do so with devotion and love,” said Esther Ambar, the nurse in charge of the Neonatal Department at the Ziv Medical Center..... Read More at Israel 21C

New wound-closure tech helping to heal soldiers

TopClosure, invented by an Israeli plastic surgeon, allows for quickly and temporarily closing skin over an open wound in an emergency setting. ....Read More

Ministers Approve Sick Days for Parents

The Ministerial Law Committee this past week approved a bill sponsored by MK Uri Maklev that grants up to 90 days sick leave annually for the parents of an ill child. ....Read More

Israel attracts foreign investors while confronting terrorism

1. $1.6bn was raised by Israeli high tech companies during the first half of 2014, 81% higher than the first half of 2013. Israeli high tech companies raised $930mn during 2014's 2nd quarter — the highest total since 2000, 30% higher than the 1st quarter and 109% higher than 2013's 2nd quarter (Globes Business Daily, July 16, 2014). ....Read More

Israel Pledges Tax Breaks for Prospective Cyber Partners

TEL AVIV — Israel is promising tax breaks and access to cooperative cyber programs to lure leading domestic and multinational firms to a new national cyber park in the Negev desert.....Read More

First Beduin agricultural cooperative in the world launches in Israel

The shepherds have joined the cooperative with the goal of lowering their collective costs and increasing their profits. ....Read More

Yazidi boy recovering from surgery in Israel, father worried about family in Iraq

Save a Child's Heart organization operated on the 17-month-old boy at Wolfson Medical Center in Holon. ....Read More

Israel Continuing
Humanitarian Work in Gaza

By Anav Silverman Tazpit News Agency
Israel cntinues to provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip no matter if Hamas is in a state of war or truce against the Jewish state.

Photos: Koby Gideon, GPO / Palestinian patients with Magen David Adom on Wednesday, August 13.

About 270 trucks carrying 5,580 tons of goods and supplies have entered Gaza via the Kerem Shalom Crossing since August 11, according to a report released by the Israel Ministry of Defense's Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) yesterday. ..Read More

Four Good News Stories

War or No War, Israel's MDs save Eyesight in Congo Eye From Zion medical team left Israel on cusp of war to provide 102 sight-saving surgeries in Kinshasa, one of the most dangerous cities in central Africa. Read at Israel 21C By Abigail Klein Leichman August 4, 2014,

IsraAID - Though war is raging on the home front, Israeli humanitarian agency flew an experienced crew of relief workers to Washington State to help after the big fire. Read at Israel 21C

Keeping Us Safe Decades of successful training of the public is an important factor in Israel’s low civilian casualty rate. Need to get people out of harm’s way? Here’s howRead at Israel 21C

Making Peace With A Surfboard ISRAEL21c talks to two Israelis who are building symbolic bridges with surfboards, sharing their passion with like-minded Arabs. Read at Israel 21C

Swatting Flies For Peace ‘Flies for peace’ is a serious effort to deal with housefly swarms affecting people on both sides of the Israel-Jordanian border around the Dead Sea. Read at at Israel 21C

h3>Radiation Therapy is about to get much kinder

July 16, 2014
MercyBeam, a unique X-ray condensing system from Israel, is on the path to market as leading hospitals are eager to use it for cancer patients of all ages. Read at Israel 21C

How farmers can save water and fertilizer

July 9, 2014
The uManage platform from Israeli drip-irrigation pioneer Netafim gives growers all the real-time data needed to make the best decisions for their crops. Read at Israel 21C

Forbes highlights 25 Israeli startups to watch in 2014

July 6, 2014
There are 25 Israeli startups you should be keeping your eye on in 2014, according to a new report by the American business magazine, Forbes. Read at Israel 21C

Three Good News Stories

Successful aging with Diabetes

Israel renovates pediatriconcology ward in Kenya

Albanian warm Jewish Muslim ties

Awesome Response

Brigitte Gabriel is the lady placing this Muslim lady in her place, Bridget is Lebanese by birth.

* Nepal is latest to use Israeli public-health model. The Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) program has reached mostly poor communities in more than 90 countries since 1960

* Israeli doctors perform life-saving heart surgery on 5 Palestinian children “This is what distinguishes us as Israelis, the ability to ignore what is happening around and continue with our sacred work of saving children's lives.” — Dr. Lior Sasson, SACH

* Innovation: Africa - Israeli Technology Creating Change for the People of Africa

* Israel Claims $3B in Cyber Exports; 2nd Only to US. Netanyahu: “We Have a Land Flowing With Milk and Cyber”

UN's Dictatorships Fail to Stop “2014 Catalog of UN Inaction on Global Rights Abuses”

Published on Jun 25, 2014
After UN Watch's Hillel Neuer called out the UNHRC for ignoring human rights violations around the world in 2013-14, he was interrupted by Cuba, China, Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela and Egypt. But he was defended by the U.S., France, Ireland, Canada, Norway, and Britain. Story: UN Watch

More Good News Items

22 June, 2014
* Israel a leader in field of neonatology
* U Tube - Five Days—91 Surgeries: Surgical Marathon in Ethiopia
* Feature: Israelis, Chinese celebrate Dragon Boat festival in Tel Aviv
* Israelis take top spots in jousting
* Standing Up For Israel's Farmers Texas Longhorn cattle

Fatah continues to celebrate kidnapping of three Israeli teens while Abbas issues tepid condemnation

16 June, 2014
Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement continues to glorify and celebrate the kidnapping of three Israeli youths last week, with postings on its official Facebook page. One cartoon Fatah posted presented the three kidnapped Israeli teens as mice caught on three hooks on a fishing rod: ... Read more at Palestinian Media Watch

Pope Francis: ‘Inside every Christian is a Jew’

17 June, 2014
Vatican City — Underscoring the close ties between Christianity and Judaism and calling Holocaust denial “madness,” Pope Francis told an interviewer that “inside every Christian is a Jew.” ... Read more at The Jewish Week

Four Good News Stories

* New Israeli optical scanner warns of foot ulcers in diabetics
* Palestinian MD lauds Israel for saving children
* The Inside Story of Israel's Dairy Industry
* New Discoveries in Ancient Jewish Settlement Uncovered in Hebron

Palestinians: BDS Activists Are Troublemakers, Criminals

by Khaled Abu Toame, May 30, 2014
A PA official in Ramallah explained that BDS and its followers make the Palestinians appear as if they are all radicals who are only interested in boycotting and delegitimizing Israel. "This goes against the PLO's official policy, which is to seek a peace agreement with Israel based on the two-state solution," he said. . .. Read article at Gatestone Institute

The Myth of Ethnic Inequality in Israel

June 5, 2014
Steven Plaut ... is author of the David Horowitz Freedom Center booklets about the Hamas and Jewish Enablers of the War against Israel. ... Read article at Frontpage Mag

The stem-cell revolution targeting leukemia

Cellect's stem-cell selection kit could make bone-marrow transplants as low-risk as getting your appendix out. ... Read article at Israel 21C

IDF welcomes first female Christian officer

... Read article at JNS

World's first mini mobile printer

Critics at Microsoft's ThinkNext event were wowed by the tiny PocketPrinter's ability to connect to smartphones and PCs, and print on paper of any size. ... Read article at Israel 21C

Hong Kong Business Leaders Impressed With Israeli Innovation

... Read article at the alemeiner

Australia drops “occupied” label from East Jerusalem

The Australian government will not refer to East Jerusalem as “occupied, territory” the government said in a statement on Thursday, in what one legislator called a “massive shift” in foreign policy. ... Read article at The Times of Israel

Israeli-Palestinian cancer support group knocks down walls

By Shira Gemer
On a warm winter's day, Ibtisam Erekat and Ruth Ebenstein meet at a bench on top of the Mount of Olives, on the eastern side of Jerusalem. ... Read article

Israel's Chief Scientist Bringing Innovation Economy to Israeli Arabs With 200 Hours Start-Up Consulting, 85% R&D Funding

May 11, 2014

The Israeli government is taking bold steps to integrate Israeli Arabs into the &ldwuo;Start-Up Nation” by offering promising entrepreneurs and scientists 200 hours of free business consulting, plus research and development grants of up to 85 percent of the funding required to produce their new ideas in the lab.... Read article

Dr. Rania Okby, a Role Model for Bedouin Women in Israel

April 18, 2014

Growing up female and Bedouin can present many challenges. Even today, Bedouin society lacks a strong educational system, supports forced marriages of underage girls, and places cultural restrictions on women working outside the home.... Read article

Smart watering that lets plants decide when to drink

CommonSensor wireless device works with the automatic irrigation system to water crops only when they're thirsty... Read article

Great in Uniform

Published on Apr 30, 2014

The project “Great in Uniform” was set up 10 years ago. The purpose of the project is to integrate young people with disabilities in the IDF, first as volunteers and then as soldiers in every aspect, including the simple soldier's ID and uniform, as part of their preparation for an independent life and their integration into Israeli society. Read article

Chief Rabbi Helps Sick Boy Fulfill Dream To Meet The Pope

May 11, 2014.

....“There are extremists in every nation and country," he said. "It is important that international religious leaders be united in the call for peace, tolerance and solidarity, and I am happy to be doing this with the young boy at my side because peace is the ideal for all of us and bringing nations closer is the goal of our generation.”... Read article

Peace goes by the name Hadassah

May 5, 2014.

Qanta Ahmed
It is spring in Rehavia. Leaving the twinkling lights of the King David Hotel, I walk to dinner. Jerusalem gleams from the recent rain. The city is fresh, the night breeze cool. Contemplating the plans I have for tomorrow, I run into a colleague from New York. Hearing my schedule, she says, “Tomorrow, you will see what Peace looks like.” Her words remain with me for the rest of my time in Israel. For a long time, I will think of nothing else.... Read at The Times of Israel

Israel Treats Wounded Ukrainian Jewish Mayor

April 29, 2014

The mayor of Ukraine's second largest city, Gennady Kernes, 54, was flown to a hospital in Israel after being struck in the back Monday while out on his morning jog.... Read at United with Israel

IDF Doctor Saves Palestinian Baby's Life

April 28, 2014

By Aryeh Savir Tazpit News Agency

An IDF doctor's life-saving actions averted a tragedy which may have struck a Palestinian family. On Friday night, in the Palestinian village of Beitin near Ramallah, a month-old baby Palestinian baby started to choke in her home while playing with her sister. The mother brought the baby to an IDF checkpoint near the Beit El Division Headquarters. An IDF officer from the division noticed the panicking mother with the choking infant in her arms. He immediately called the nearest IDF doctor. Within a few minutes, Sec. Lt. Ben Tzanani and his team were at the scene and saved the baby's life. .... Read Here

IDF and Red Crescent medical teams provide treatment to the infant. Credit: IDF spokesperson

Four Links to Israeli Good News Stories

April, 2014

Facez of Israel - Dr. Nof Atamna Ismaeel

Arab, Jewish kids from southern Israel to camp together

Israeli Desert - Secret growing techniques for designer-shaped vegetables get kids interested in healthy food.

Technion Beyond Borders - Dr. Qanta Ahmed Interview

Enemies? No, patients, say Israeli doctors treating Syrians

Mum's Invention does more than help kids with dissabilities walk....

Ngatamariki Geothermal Power Plant, New Zealand

Israel Experiencing Record-Breaking Drought

April, 2014

By Aryeh Savir Tazpit News Agency

JERUSALEM — Israel has experienced this winter the worst drought recorded in modern history. Since the mega snow storm in the beginning of December there has been no significant rainfall. Israel's Water Authority has noted with some degree of alarm that the drought is the harshest around its main water bodies, in the north and in Samaria. Israeli's Meteorological Service (IMS) stated that this winter has been the driest since records began more than 70 years ago, some of them even for more than 100 years as rainfall reports in Jerusalem date back to the mid 19th century. Precipitation totals were less than 20% of the normal in many parts of the country.... Read Here

Israeli Aid Follows Syrian Refugees to Europe

Israel continues to reach out to aid refugees of the ongoing Syrian civil war, this time by sending assistance to refugee camps in Bulgaria.
The Israeli NGO umbrella group IsraAID last week dispatched a delegation to Bulgaria to help deal with the influx of Syrian refugees arriving in the eastern European nation via neighboring Turkey. Read More

Iranians: Be More Like Israel!

April 1, 2014
Iranians are furious with their government for not behaving more like Israel when it comes to the well-being of its soldiers, reported The Times of London. Read Here

Former Islamist Says ‘Palestinian Leadership’ Preventing Peace

March 27, 2014
Former member of Egyptian terrorist group says ‘suffering of Palestinians’ caused by their leadership's “barbaric attitude towards Jews”. Read More

Three More Links to Positive Articles on Israel's respose to the suffering of Syrians

March 18, 2014

Israeli doctor: Syrian snipers deliberately paralyzing children

Read More Here

Israelis risk their lives to help Syrians

Read More Here

Caught up in the Syrian conflict


Sheikh Insists ‘Israel is the Land of the Jewish People’

March 14, 2014

Jordanian Sheikh writes in Yesha Council pamphlet that Mecca, not Jerusalem, is the Muslim capital — and the Koran proves it.
Read More Here

Christ at the Checkpoint's government enablers

March 10, 2014

By Yitzhak Santis
Why are taxpayer monies of Western democracies being used to fund anti-Jewish polemics more reminiscent of medieval disputations than 21st century pluralism?
Read More Here at The Times of Israel

Israel: A failed state

6 March, 2014

By Charles Abelsohn
I grew up in South Africa and left for Israel in the 1970`s. So I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable on South African apartheid. In view of the criticisms of Israel as an apartheid state, I felt it my duty that my understanding and knowledge of apartheid should be put to good cause by exposing the evil manifestations of apartheid in Israel. .... Read More Here at The Times of Israel

Canada recognizes Jewish refugees from Arab countries

4 March, 2014

Canada yesterday formally recognized the refugee status of the 850,000 Jews who fled or were expelled from Arab countries after Israel's founding.
The recognition follows a November 2013 report to the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs on “Recognizing Jewish Refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.” The report detailed the persecutions faced by Jews living in Arab countries in the 20th century and the circumstance that led to almost all of them leaving their homes in such countries as Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, and Yemen. Jews had inhabited those countries for centuries. .... Read Here at WJC

First Visit by Israeli Minister to Republic of Ghana

March 2014, Tazpit News Agency

By Aryeh Savir

Photo: / Description: 1 - Minister Shamir in Ghana. Credit: Ministry of Agriculture. 2 - Israeli instructor in Ghana. Credit: Rivka Ofenbach.

Minister of Agriculture Yair Shamir is the first Israeli minister to visit the West African Republic of Ghana since the establishment of an Israeli embassy there in 2011. Minister Shamir is heading an agriculture-business mission comprised of 12 leading Israeli companies in the agricultural industry who currently touring the country in search of commerce ventures..... More

February, 2014

Syrian Father Asks Israeli Doctors: “Save My Son — He's All I Have Left”

Syrian Explosion Destroys Family — Israeli Medics Saves Remaining Son

By Anav Silverman Tazpit News Agency
Download a printer friendly pdf

Photo Credit: Pioter Fliter, RHCC / Pictured: “K” with two of Rambam's senior neurosurgeons, Dr. Joseph Juilburd (left) and Dr. Sergey Abeshaus (right).

An estimated 130,000 people have been killed in Syria, and millions displaced during the past three years of the civil war. During that time, Israel has been at the forefront of providing medical care to wounded Syrians — with some 700 Syrians having received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals as well as at the IDF field hospital along the Israeli-Syrian border. Six weeks ago, a Syrian father and his 6-year-old son, “K,” who was in critical condition, arrived to Rambam Health Care Campus, following a devastating explosion that destroyed their Syrian home. “K's” sister and mother were fatally wounded and died of their injuries in Syria. Accompanied by his father, 6-year-old “K” was evacuated with his 11-year-old brother from Syria, to the border, to Rambam Health Care Campus. On the way to Rambam “K's” brother died; his sister and mother had already died in Syria—all fatally injured in the explosion. Only “K” and his father remained alive..... Read Here

Responsibility for Palestinian Suffering?

Israel is routinely accused of gross injustice toward the Palestinians. Journalist Johannes Gerloff addresses the question of Palestinian suffering and ultimate responsibility. Xcerpts of the interview are being released Here
See Video

Jerusalem is a very special city.

Of great religious importance, it is often falsely represented as simply a fulcrum of conflict rather than as an inspirational source of compassion, wisdom and understanding. Read More AAIJAC website

Former NZ PM Helen Clark ‘blown away’ by Israeli ingenuity

February 20, 2014. ID2, where 70 innovative thinkers convene to brainstorm, will produce the next generation of great ideas, organizers say The Times of Israel

Weizmann Institute scientists have recently uncovered a new ‘weapon’ in HIV's arsenal that specifically targets the activity of the immune system's ‘elite force’ — certain white blood cells called T cells. .... Killer Virus to the Rescue

A closer look at the IDF's field hospital for Syrian victims

January 29, 2014
Despite the fact that Israel and Syria are officially still at war, the IDF has treated hundreds of civil war victims, following ethical code. A total of over 500 Syrians have received treatment in Israel, with 40 percent being treated at the field hospital, according to an IDF Spokesperson. Ziv Medical Center in Safed has been the main site for civilian medical treatment, ... Read More

Palestinian in Damascus: “I Want Israeli Citizenship”

Monday, January 20, 2014 — Israel Today Staff
A video that made its way out of Yarmuk and was posted to YouTube shows how difficult the situation has become. One of the residents even tells the camera that he wants to become an Israeli citizen, because Israel actually cares for its own.
The man explains that if even one Israeli child was found in Yarmuk, a solution to the neighborhood's problems would have been found long ago. He goes on to accuse Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the Arab Muslim nations of having abandoned the Palestinians living in Syria. ... Read More & See Video

Arabs Proudly Serve in Israeli Army

Sunday, January 19, 2014 — Israel Today Staff
Israel is often portrayed, even from within, as racist and hateful toward Arabs. Naturally, there couldn't be any Arabs serving in the Israeli army, and certainly none proudly doing so.
Not so! The reality is that many thousands of Arabs and Arabic-speakers are not only Israeli soldiers, but outspoken advocates of both the IDF and the Jewish state they serve.Read More at Israel Today

Al Jazeera Host Asks Why Can't Arab Armies Be More Humane, Like Israel?

An Al Jazeera Arabic anchor recently asked his audience why Arab armies, and, in particular, the regime of Bashar al-Assad, in Syria, can’t behave more humanely towards civilians, like the Israeli and French armies do? In a clip uploaded to YouTube this week and flagged by Mideast Media Analyst Tom Gross, the anchor asks, “Why don't they learn from the Israeli army which tries, through great efforts, to avoid shelling areas populated by civilians in Lebanon and Palestine? Didn't Hezbollah take shelter in areas populated by civilians because it knows that Israeli Air Force doesn't bomb those areas? Why doesn’t the Syrian army respect premises of universities, schools or inhabited neighborhoods? Why does it shell even the areas of its supporters?”